Sep 28, 2010

In loving memory of WIGSF

The blogsphere is filled with sadness lately as it has been noted that the good WIGSF has taken down his online writing outlet. Without warning the chronicles of the Canadian we all know and love has been removed from the world wide web. No longer shall we be entertained by the wisdom of the donut loving, woman hating, Futurama/Simpsons obsessed author.

I don't recall how it was that I stumbled upon his blog, or him mine, but throughout the years I followed the details of the fellow who entertained, and often offended, his dear readers. Alas we shall no longer be in suspense if he ever did find a girlfriend, or if the Canadian/Italian did decide to send his father to technology boot camp.

Yes it is with great sadness to think the blogsphere lost another writer. Goodbye WIGSF. May your ramblings be remembered with joyful glee.

"People who dress likes strippers mid-act can't complain when they get treated like strippers mid-act." - WIGSF

1 comment:

wigsf said...

Thanks for the kind words.

And you forgot to mention my sizzlin' hot ass.