Jul 28, 2011

I give up.

At times I want to be a Republican. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the party of Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt? Even Presidents as corrupt as Nixon drafted and passed some of the most liberal legislation that our current GOP wouldn't touch (OSHA). It may be of little surprise why I wouldn't want to raise the flag of the party who claims the mantle of fiscal responsibility, reasonable foreign policy, and believing in states rights.

Sadly the modern Republican party resembles nothing of it's predecessors and there's no greater example of that than the current economic debate. While I may be romanticizing history a bit, the Congressional conservatives seem in no way interested in doing what's best for the country. Instead they want to use this debt ceiling issue as a chance to attack Obama. You know, it might work.

Let's say the country does go into default as the Republicans are so stubborn about taxes. Sure the blame should be on the GOP Congressional leadership as they can't handle simple economics, but do the majority of Americans know who John Boehner, Mitch McConnel, or Paul Ryan are? The blame will fall at the hands of the President and as voters cast their ballots with their wallet, Obama may be a one termer.

It's a smart strategy if you're a politician with no soul who likes to abuse penguins. Sure the majority of Republicans voted to increase the spending that they're suddenly now against, and they hate any kind of tax increase on their donors. They still want the middle class to take the burden of funding the federal government, for reasons that are obvious. The GOP doesn't seem to give two shits about anything really except defeating the Tea Party's greatest nightmare, what they think is a socialist Kenyan Muslim currently occupying the Oval Office.

'The future of our country be damned' is the battle cry of the Congressional GOP, and we're all going to suffer for their hatred of Obama. There seems to be no compromise in sight, but then again should we compromise with those so willing to wreak havoc on the strength of our dollar? I understand the US is founded on the 'c' word, but haven't we had enough of reasoning with the unreasonable?

"Make no mistake, a 'yes' vote on the Democrats' health care bill is a vote for taxpayer-funded abortions." - John Boehner

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