Sep 22, 2011

The armed forces are fabulous.

A historic day was upon us this week as the Pentagon finally laid waste to the half assed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, allowing gay service men and women to serve openly. It was obvious when this compromise was first served that it was only a matter of time before gays would have the right to honor their country while not having to keep their sexuality a secret.

I had mixed emotions about arguing for gays openly serving in the military as I've never served, but no one could present me with a good argument that keeping them in the closet or having them dishonorably discharged was a good idea. In fact the same points opponents would make against homosexuals in the military were almost the exact same ones bigots would argue decades ago when African-Americans wanted the same opportunities as Caucasian soldiers. It seemed ridiculous to me to think that some one's sexuality would hinder their ability to make a good warrior.

It's difficult to make the comparison in the civil rights struggle with black and gays as race is something people can't hide, unless you're C Thomas Howell. Still I wonder if it'll take another couple of decades or so until homosexuals will have the right to marry, or in some states, even have sex legally.

I often wonder how my children will look back at this period in civil rights history. It will probably seem ridiculous to them.

"If you had told me 28 years ago that the largest organization in the world touching the lives of gays and lesbians would be a church, I would not have believed you." -Troy Perry


Miss Ash said...

Homophobes always fascinate's like the straight people in the army are afraid the openly gay people might want them...ummm ya..probably not...

Anonymous said...

"Alexander the Great was a fag. Talk about gays in the military."

I always wondered why racists didn't want black people in the military. They're okay with letting them die swinging from a tree, but they don't want to push them in front of a machine gun nest. To a racist, why would they care how the minority group dies? I guess just further proof that racists are idiots.

Mattbear said...

I thought The West Wing made a great comparison between blacks and gays serving:

And racist ever had a problem with blacks serving in the military. Blacks have served in the U.S. military since before the Civil War. What they had to fight for was integration, equality, and the chance for promotion.