Sep 28, 2011

IM conversation with my friend.

My best friend has interesting tastes in women. When I say interesting I don't mean he dates women who look like carnival freaks. They're pretty ladies with traits most men would find attractive, but they usually have strong personalities, which is a good thing. I think the IM conversation we had today explains it all:

Him: I'm going to come out and say it....I would totally do Nancy Grace!
Me: this comes as no surprise
Him: well...actually she would be doing me...because I'm pretty sure she would be the one wearing the pants in that relationship
Me: I'd be afraid that her jaw would be double jointed and she would eat me afterwards
Him: a risk I am willing to take my friend..
Me: so this begs the question, would you play Chicago while doing Nancy Grace or would you play NWA just for the irony?
Him: I really think it would be whatever she wanted to play...and I just picture her kicking the crap out of me while we are doing it...
Me: I think she'd win in a fight between her and I
Him: indeed...and I find that strangely attractive.
Me: manly women who can kick my ass?
this is interesting
Him: not so much your ass...just kick ass in general.
Me: I think Gina Carano would be your dream girl then
she's hot and fights MMA
she probably won't be hot long
Him: I don't know who that is...I will google her
Oh yeah...I would marry her in a second!
she is smoking hot
Me: she really is
Him: thank you for sharing this info with me my friend...I now have a new dream girl....yes I do.
Me: you're welcome

He then found a trailer for a film starring Miss Carano, called "Haywire", which looks like a Bourne film for females. I have to agree with him that girls who kick ass are kind of hot, but I draw the line at the shrew that is Nancy Grace.

“I don’t understand why everyone focuses on my looks. There are a lot of beautiful women out there. It’s just kind of thrown me off my feet with the attention that I’ve gotten. Now, I’m getting more organized and I’m taking a break from all the hype and everything so I can be more true to myself. I’m trying to do my best with the opportunities I’ve been given and I think I’m really maturing. It will be nothing but better from here on out.” - Gina Carano


Anonymous said...

I need clarification on one item from this discussion. 1980s pussy pansy-ass Chicago or 1969-1971 holy shit does this band kick ass and take names or what Chicago?

Mattbear said...

That's quite a cast for a little action film starring an MMA fighter.