Sep 9, 2011

Wiwille grows up.

In 1986, when I was all of 11 years of age, my father decided to take me to see 'Heartbreak Ridge' in the theatre. He's a moderate Clint Eastwood fan, but for some reason was attracted to the idea of a rough and tumble Marine whipping men into warriors.

The film started and in the first five minutes I was hit with a barrage of swearing unlike any my ears have ever heard. My father shifted uncomfortably in his chair as the characters were using colorful language. He finally leaned over and asked me if the movie was rated R.

I was shocked that he was unaware of the film's rating. In my youth I was raised on a steady diet of Disney films, Biblical epics, and musicals. I first thought I was all grown up now that my dad was taking me to a movie that wasn't PG, but alas his laziness in looking at the marquee was a mistake on his part. I then felt as young as I was. I feigned ignorance, but that helped matters little. I could tell he was dreading this experience already, and he wasn't looking forward to explaining this affair to my mother.

The movie turned out to be mildly amusing as I laughed throughout. Dad even gave a few chuckles, but his experience was ruined by me being there. 'Heartbreak Ridge' hasn't aged well and I grew not to care for it, but I'll always remember the first film I saw that made me feel like a grown up.

"Clint Eastwood is at his macho, insubordinate best in this exuberant, salty military movie with more memorable lines and funny moments than most comedies." - Chuck O'Leary


wigsf3 said...

When I was young, my parents took me to see Heat (Pacino & DeNiro) but the theatre wouldn't let me in because I was too young (14 years old). So we left.
When the film was available for rent (on LaserDisc) we all sat down and watched it. Did not understand what was too offensive for a 14 year old in that movie.

playnrewind said...

I wasn't even allowed to watch The Simpsons until I was 13 or 14, my parents were all about ratings.

Miss Ash said...

That's funny! I remember being in the States and seeing Superbad....this woman had her ohhhh toddler and 6 year old with her, after the scene in the convenience store and hearing *fuck* 50 times she grabbed them and ran out of the theatre. I'm not quite sure A) how they got in and B)what she was expecting!

Mattbear said...

My parents took me with them to see "Cotton Club" when I was like 8, because they couldn't get a babysitter that night. That was awkward.

I also saw "Heartbreak Ridge" with my father, but it was intentional. He was a huge Eastwood fan, and had been in Korea, so he really wanted to see it. I was obviously a little older than you, though.