Oct 4, 2011

Facebook vs Blogger users

Well it seems everyone's on FB now and the contrast between it and Blogger are vast. It's of little surprise as both are very different in their intent. Let's take a look at the differences between the two shall we?

Blogger user: Updates their followers with details about their professional and personal life.
Facebook user: Passive/aggressively calls out their ex for being a no good cheater and hopes all their friends will comment on their page with niceties to boost their flailing ego.

Blogger user: Illustrates in detail their personal hobby or family life to chronicle their existence.
Facebook user: Keeps posting attention whoring pics that may or may not be flattering, or safe for viewing.

Blogger user: Attempts to detail their feelings on our current national body politic.
Facebook user: Writes a short, and what they think is amusing commentary on something the Huffington Post or Daily Show has already done, much better I may add.

Blogger user: Tries to keep the writing pure and welcomes feedback in the comments section.
Facebook user: Takes any comment that doesn't fit with their world view personally and defends their pretentious postings with overwhelming zeal.

Blogger user: Posts about their weekend adventures and sometimes include pictures.
Facebook user: Has to announce to everyone that the weekend they had was the best weekend ever, which is not true, and posts pics of people drinking, because no one else was consuming alcohol with their friends.

Blogger user: May attempt to incorporate songs into their post.
Facebook user: Someone who knows nothing of real pain, posts horrific ballad that is supposed to illustrate how they're feeling, but accomplishes nothing but making others ears bleed.

Blogger user: Expresses their feelings about a current event.
Facebook user: Will post multiple times about an event that doesn't matter, read Casey Anthony.

Blogger user: Sometimes reviews websites and tech products.
Facebook user: Makes fun of Myspace for doing exactly the same thing Facebook does.

Blogger user: Tries to be grammatically correct, despite their best efforts.
Facebook user: Cannot help but use text speak in their illiterate posts.

Blogger user: Will reference a historical figure's thoughts on a subject.
Facebook user: Will quote Buddha or some philosophical crap endlessly in an attempt to teach someone what they think is a valuable lesson, but it's something their FB friends already know.
Blogger user: May attempt to monetize their blogs.
Facebook user: Has maxed out their credit cards in getting equipment for Farmville.

Yeah I know, pot to kettle, etc...

"Look, I don't have a Facebook page because I have little interest in hearing myself talk about myself any further than I already do in interviews or putting any more about myself online than there already is. But if I wasn't in this position, I'm sure I would use it every day." - Jesse Eisenberg


wigsf3 said...

Gave up on Facebook (and Twitter) a long time ago. I figure, if anybody out there has any sort of interest in my thoughts, opinions and experiences, they will either ask for it or make a bit of effort to seek it out.
And when I'm feeling outgoing with my feelings, I'll post a comment on their blog.

P.S. Hank Williams Jr. rulez!

osman said...

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