Oct 10, 2011

Things I hate that I probably shouldn't

We all have things we've grown a distaste for and sometimes for reasons we really can't explain. We've all seen that person that rubs us the wrong way, even though they may be the moral equivalent of the Dahli Lama. We've all hated certain trends as we claim they're frivolous or just stupid. Here below are a few things that I hate for no good reason:

1. Yoga: I hear it's a great workout, but I don't care. Exercise should be about running or doing something athletic. Simply stretching doesn't cut it.

2. Furries: I don't care why they do what they do, they must be stopped.

3. Hipsters: My god they really bother me with their illusion of coolness.

4. Homeopathy: Now those who believe in it are harmless, mostly. I hate the folks who recommend and sell this nonsense to others, especially to those who are really suffering and need actual medicine, not water posing as such.

5. New age: It's all a bunch of hippie crap.

6. The Geico commercial with the smartphones: I could just change the channel when this annoying ad comes on, but instead I complain.

7. Light beer: It shouldn't be called beer.

8. Pretentious people who do anything alternative to proclaim their independence: You know the type, the vegetarian anti-Big Pharma homeopathic practitioner who birthed their children at home in a wading pool and claims their religion as spiritualism, and feels the need to remind you how great they are because they've chosen against the establishment.

9. Reality show "stars": I believe there's a special place in hell for such narcissism.

10. Bloggers who complain about worthless stuff: They should go to...wait...what?

"Yoga's an amazing release." - Monica Keena


Greg Saum said...

I love number 8. :)

wigsf3 said...

I've never agreed with you more.

Miss Ash said...

I'm laughing at your list, you seem to really dislike the hippie/new age stuff!!! I'll let you know how the yoga goes, I bought a 20 class pass and my time is running out, must use it!