Oct 24, 2011

Wiwille gives advice no one wanted nor needed.

Tonight I'll do something I haven't done on this blog. I'll answer a question featured in an advice column. Of course, said questioner will never see the answer I give, but I thought it would be fun giving unsolicited advice. Let's start with this dating gem from Dear Mrs. Web.
Q: Dear Mrs. Web,

I am 18 and a student. I recently slept with a guy at work and he has not paid attention to me since. I have totally fallen for him.

We have known each other since primary school and he always was shy. Why won't he speak to me, let alone date me?
A: Dear slutty student,
You've fallen for a guy who stops talking to you after sex? First off, what exactly did you expect? I never understood why women believe that after sleeping with a guy they're automatically owed a relationship, never mind simple attention. I'm going to break it to all women out there, a guy wants sex and if you give it up easily they're likely to claim mission accomplished and move on to the next girl who'll get naked with them. Your vagina isn't special and doesn't work like the Death Star tractor beam in reeling in boyfriends. Your co-worker got what he wanted and has moved on, or he's embarrassed about something. Maybe it's his performance. But that doesn't matter. The fact that you have fallen for him is the most troubling aspect of this, when he obviously hasn't even given you a relationship. You really need to set your sights higher and have some self worth to nab a man willing to give you what you would like, like companionship and maybe even a commitment. Your only 18, so I'll cut you some slack, but few men will give you any more than what it takes to get your pants off. In this case it sounds like your pants came off pretty easily for your co-worker. I hope you at least got an orgasm from this, because that's about all you'll be receiving from boys who can see you naked at the drop of a hat.
"Being somebody's tissue is not a good foundation to develop a relationship with any depth...like a second date." - Mrs Web

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wigsf3 said...

I'm always amused when sluts are not self-aware of their sluttyness.