Oct 12, 2011

The Tea Party can suck it

I've never understood the mentality of the Tea Party movement, or their like minded brethren, but the numbers for the Republican front runners astonish me. Mitt Romney has performed above and beyond in all the debates, and yet his numbers are still sucking.

Why the Republicans think Perry, who makes Bush look like Henry Kissinger, could possibly partake in a battle of wits with the President is anyone's guess. His campaign has been doomed since he threw his hat in the ring. Bachmann is a joke, and it's becoming less funny every time she opens her mouth. I can't understand how anyone would take her seriously at this point. Cain is amusing at times, and seems like an outsider, but he's not one to be leader of the free world. Running a business doesn't necessarily mean he can run the armed forces. Santorum has no business running at all.

The main problem with Romney is that I wonder if Evangelicals would embrace a candidate who wears magic underwear. Also he's dull. Obama is nothing, but an exciting campaigner. Romney doesn't have the social conservative badge that'll make the Tea Party happy as Obama-care is similar to Romney-care, and Tea Partiers aren't known for the intellectual prowess anyways. They fear intelligence, which Romney has, especially when you consider the low curve the other Republican candidates have made.

I shudder to think if Romney does get the nomination who'll he'll pick as a running mate. If it's any of the morons now running it's Obama's election to lose, which I'm OK with.

"Yeah...god forbid you went to an ivy league school...funny how that is viewed as a negative now.." - Corey

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Anonymous said...

Democracy sucks. I say do away with the Presidency and just have a giant wrestling battle royal to determine who should be King of America. Think of the pay-per-view buys for an event like that.