Oct 17, 2011

Wiwille's movie reviews part 80

Foreign films are a hard sell to most American audiences. Subtitles are not embraced in this country nor are themes that make people actually think. Generally America has a monopoly on Michael Bay crap and thankfully movie goers can opt out of seeing such mindless drek. While I'd love to think that America produces the best and the brightest in film, that is not the case as audiences won't allot.

Timecrimes is a film hailing from Spain. It's starts simply with a man and his wife arriving at a home they're remodeling. He sees a woman in the distance taking off her shirt and unsurprisingly goes to investigate. When he finds her he's attacked by a man whose head is wrapped in bandages and he flees to a scientists home, who hides him in a water tank. When the man goes out of the home he realizes he's just time traveled a few hours and in doing so investigates the events some more.

I can't give much more away as to do so would spoil the whole thing. Timecrimes is a thoughtful piece of sci-fi time travel genre as it follows the idea of man being beholden to their destiny. Logical implications of jumping the time line aside, this is an enjoyable film. The acting is very good, but the copy I had was dubbed, but it wasn't terrible voice overs. Hopefully I lost nothing of the dialogue. It's one people will want to watch a second and maybe third time to fully grasp the events of the non-linear story. The conclusion is up to the viewer and that in and of itself makes it a topic of conversation amongst film buffs.

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"That rarest of rare things: an intelligent time-travel movie that actually holds together on closer examination." - Ken Hanke

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