Dec 12, 2006

Am I a misogynist if I don't vote for her?

Presidential election season is officially in swing with candidates announcing their interest in running, which seems rather silly when you think about it. Pundits are weighing in of course talking about the electability of each prospect. Normally the focus is on the Democrats who have a strong wind of support behind them as they've taken the House and Senate in November's elections.

Naturally much of our nation's dialogue is centered around Hillary Clinton and her possible (inevitable) run for the highest office in the land. Every talking head points out their opinion that Hillary will bring out the women vote which will almost secure her post as Commander in Chief. This is not only the opinion of overpaid media analysts, but of us common folk as well. In conversations with many people, ranging from the arrogant-never-wrong armchair self proclaimed interest group (me), to the people simply attracted to the drama of politics, to those who appreciate their news in small almost Farklike sound bytes, everyone makes this statement.

Now lets examine that now shall we?

Here we are in an arguably more enlightened age where no one can argue reasonably that someone can't do a job in politics based on gender, but suddenly we feel it's okay to make blanket statements about their voting habits? It's fine now to say that those without a penis will enter the polls and vote for the candidate with less testosterone rather than those unimportant things like say foreign policy stance? Are we just hiding our disdain for women when we say that they will not make an educated, informed decision electing to a "stick to their kind" mentality?

Is it important that we as a society evolve enough to embrace the idea of a female president? Sure by all means; however we shouldn't assume that females will skirt the issues when choosing their president. All that being said I do know people who are supporters of Hillary for reasons they don't seem to understand. When posed with the question of why do they think she'll make a good president most people stare blindly. The question they want to get asked is "Is it time for us to have a female in the Oval Office?"

Look if the office of the president didn't put the safety of the world at stake I'd like to send the same message. If someone runs against Hillary in the primary, or even the general election, that isn't as qualified as Clinton I'll support her. If the tables are turned then I'll support them, whoever they may be (McCain). I think most women will do the same.

"In the Bible it says they asked Jesus how many times you should forgive, and he said 70 times 7. Well, I want you all to know that I'm keeping a chart." - Hillary Clinton

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