Dec 14, 2006

I dislike Dr Phil and so should you.

I have a coworker who loves the Dr Phil show. Seriously he comes in every morning, about an hour before I get off work, and talks about what the annoying therapist had on his show the previous day. I make fun of him for watching such tripe, but he's a good guy and understands what the show is really all about, which is exploiting people's personal failures and giving them sound byte tough love talk all the while selling products.

This morning James, my Dr Phil loving colleague, talked about a segment where he had the creator of Bum Fights, an exploitation video where producers pay the homeless to kick the crap out of each other, on the show. According to James, Dr Phil had the guy on the show briefly before he kicked him out of the studio before even engaging in a conversation with him.

Now the clip has made it's way online and of course I watched it. Hey call me a glutton.

I hope everyone watches this and realizes what a douchebag Dr Phil really is. For those of you who are too squeamish to watch the video I posted let me give you description. First the simple minded doctor explains that the footage he's about to show is so despicable that he asks that all children leave the room. He then shows a heavily edited video depicting homeless people beating each other up, pulling out their teeth with pliers, and eating uncooked frogs. Inter cut with the actions of the bums the creator of Bum Fights talks about how he's helping them and providing a good service. Any reasonably intelligent individual can tell this was all tongue in cheek.

Now to the good stuff. At the end of the video Dr Phil yells out to someone to stop the footage, even though that the montage was clearly at it's end. You then see the creator of Bum Fights dressed like Dr Phil. He even shaved his head to look like Phil's bald spot, which I thought was kind of funny. The pious doctor then tells him to get off the stage and that he wasn't going to talk to him. The video maker with a loose sense of morals calls the host out on who the real exploiter is on stage, and Dr Phil responds with a oh so clever line of "yeah you keep telling yourself that" before security escorted him out of the building.

Dr Phil goes on to say he couldn't have an intelligent conversation with someone who creates things of that nature and refuses to publicize it. For someone who hates making horrid videos stream into the public conscious...oh I'm not even going to say it. Since you're reading this you've proven to me that you have a savvy intellect and the looks of a runway model.

Fuck Dr Phil right in the ear.

"I'm gonna be in your face 24/7! you can't escape Dr. Phil!" - Phillip C. McGraw


rawbean said...


rawbean said...

okay, now that I know I can post...I see where you're coming from with the dr. phil thing, but my deep down feeling is that the bum fights guy is total asshole and dr. phil isn't. people who go on dr. phil's show, do it voluntarily so I don't really think they are exploited. the bum guy is exploiting homeless people who are desperate for money and probably feel like they have no other choice.

I think dr. phil is good at opening people's eyes about things, but terrible at the follow through.

Mattbear said...

"I refuse to publicize that"

Um, what the hell did you just do?
Are you going to try to tell me he didn't know what the footage was ahead of time? That's ridiculous. This was a stunt on the part of Dr. Phil, and the Bum Fights guy, pure and simple. This is just more of Dr. Phil's hocum, and I can't understand how anyone watching that couldn't see it.

Scott said...

I hate Dr Phil. So messed up man. Cool post.


whatigotsofar said...

I've known about these Bumfights for a couple of years having read an article in a magazine about it.
My thoughts on this Dr. Phil video. I've never watched Dr. Phil before and I now I don't think I ever will. Dr. Phil is one of two things: 1) a horrible tv host because he aired footage that he had never seen. A good tv host will be prepared by watching canned footage before showing it to the audience; or 2) Dr. Phil purposely brought this guy on stage just to throw him off the stage mid-footage to take a stand on an OLD issue.
I am in no possible way, taking the side of the Bumfights guy though. What he's doing is wrong, but Dr. Phil is not the guy to come out against this issue. The Bumfights has been around long enough and publicized enough that lawmakers and the police would have stopped Bumfights by now if they wanted to.