Dec 13, 2006

I perplex people.

Rawbean, author of Rawbean's Rant (which is a better blog than this one), wrote a post with various messages to her blogger friends. In it she included a short message for myself which states "you perplex me, I thought you should know."

Reading this sparked interesting thoughts about this blog and why it indeed 'perplexes' her. Maybe it's the random topics, lack of coherent theme, horrid grammar, awful visuals, and/or self deprecating humor laced with pictures of hot women. This blog is simply my opinions on the absurdity of this life and I wonder if reading this does make you curious about my mental stability.

You readers are smart enough to understand that there is far more to me than what I choose to write about here. You also should be aware that I'm really not that interesting of a person. I'm an average bloke whose desires aren't unlike your own, although you may not have a strange, almost unhealthy obsession with Scarlette Johannson.

I guess there are times when I don't get myself. I look at myself in the mirror, a task I hate, and wonder why my personality is ridden with so many contradictions. I imagine Rawbean is not in the minority when she finds herself confused about what kind of person Wiwille truly is.

"I try to take people one at a time, with all the contradictions and compromises that most of us live with." - Garry Trudeau


Anonymous said...

I suspect there are few people on this earth who are free from contradiction- it is the way we handle this innate tendency that makes us not only human, but interesting. When you really think about it, most people without them are really quite scary.

Mattbear said...

I could see how one could be perplexed by you.

You like going to strip joints, and making lewd comments about Scarlett and Salma; yet you go out of your way to be a gentleman and treat women with respect. You are generally tolerant of cultural and religious differences, but you don't have a problem calling bullshit on things they do. You're as comfortable discussing politics or philosophy as you are discussing beer or pro wrestling.

Basically, you're a scholar and a gentleman, but almost a redneck too. It's kinda weird.