Dec 5, 2006

I don't get the Brits.

A recent survey in England shows that Simon Cowell, creator and 'talent' of such dribble as 'American Idol', is the object of women's affection. The poll asked people who they fantasized about when sleeping with their partners and Cowell took second, right behind Daniel Craig.

Simon Cowell? Okay I do expect women to fantasize about someone else when they sleep with me. I mean hell I'd be surprised if they didn't, but if I found out any women prefers Simon to me I think it's time to load up on the barbiturates and take my final skydive. Ladies if you do find it in your heart to get naked with me, please at least imagine someone like Sean Connery.

The same question was posed to men and Scarlett Johansson didn't make the top ten. Instead the Brits seem to prefer Madonna, who was voted number ten. I find this odd as I don't think I can name anyone who ever really had carnal thoughts of the material girl. Not that she's ugly, but just not top ten material. I could name about a hundred other celebrities I'd rather spend quality time alone to than her.

It's time like these I'm proud to be an American.

“I would expect to be very near the top as I’m obviously extremely attractive." - Simon Cowell

Cowell is girls' sex swap idol


rawbean said...

Ewwww Simon Cowell probably has loose skin on his chest and grey nipple hairs.....ewww!

Mattbear said...

Simon Cowell? Jesus. Do they put something in the water over there?

However, it's the Sun. Questionable at best, even on silly stuff like this. It might really have just been the author of the article's top fantasies.

While I never understood anyone finding Madonna attractive (especially after she apparently ruined Guy Ritchie), many have. Witness the "Wayne's World" fantasy sequence when she hosted SNL. Yuck.

Scott said...

Yeah that is just plain weird. The Brits are a different bunch.


Wiwille said...

Rawbean - You just had to give us the image of Simon's chest didn't you?

Mattbear - You mean the Sun isn't the bastion of honest journalism?

Scott - That is an understatement.