Dec 2, 2006

A new look at academia.

We've all seen the branches of activism stem from the civil rights movement. Women, homosexuals, and others have stepped up and demanded acceptance from our society not only through legal means, but incorporating their march into academia. Many if not all universities have an African-American, Women, and or Homosexual studies programs designed to educate the public on such issues such as discrimination, civil rights, etc.

Now some are forming a new 'sister study' called fat studies. Yes you can spend thousands in higher education on the topic of big boned people. If proponents have their way one could actually major in it. Supporters of the field of study liken this to the African-American programs that are prominent throughout colleges in America.

Now I see nothing wrong with having a positive body image. In fact I think everyone should look at themselves in a bright manner, that is if they're healthy. I know weight is a touchy subject amongst a lot of people, but seriously should a heavy person look at themselves and have the self delusion that their bodies are perfectly fine when in reality their causing a lot of harm to themselves? Should a smoker, alcoholic, and/or someone who mainlines black tar heroin feel happy about their crippling addictions?

Should this even be placed amongst the same category as African-American and Women's rights? I really feel that people in favor of this are more into creating a culture of victimization rather than addressing some of the real issues facing obesity in this instant gratification society we live in.

Says one supporter of fat studies, "I'm fat. So what?"

Now I don't condone people starving themselves to simply look good, but I do believe people, including myself, should make a concerted effort to be healthy. Sad almost every successful product and service is designed to keep us from actually achieving a healthy lifestyle.

"Women should try to increase their size rather than decrease it, because I believe the bigger we are, the more space we'll take up, and the more we'll have to be reckoned with." - Roseanne


rawbean said...

Yea I agree. The only message the media doesn't send us is "be healthy"

Grace said...

Everybody should actively be trying to improve themselves... I think it's only natural to do so. I just can't understand people who neglect their health.

elizab said...

Yeah, wow, this is painfully stupid. How about "healthy weight" studies that would deal with the REAL issues of unrealistic/unhealthy body images that are shoved down our throat by MTV, etc? Oh wait! Programs in nutrition and fitness are already available. Well that's not news. Nevermind. *sigh* I am going to the gym as soon as it opens.