Jan 6, 2007

Great. I'll put my pickle in a jar for ya.

While our entertainment industry brings us all sorts of syurpy love stories with cute boy meets girl rom-coms talkes of real sacrifice for our loved ones don't seem to be huge hits. Music is no different when you think about it. Pop stars constantly express their desires for their love of the month, but you never hear songs about the true struggles many of us have in a relationship or the benefits for that matter. It's all highly sensationalized garbage.

Well one singer has decided to break down musical barriers and bring us something truly touching that we haven't seen since the golden age of songwriting. I believe this song will be a bigger hit than "Smoke Gets in your Eyes". This artist is a musical genius and even Scott will (should) agree with me.

"Songwriting is a very instinctual process and I don't really understand what it's saying to me." -Sarah McLachlan

My Box in a Box.


rawbean said...


Anonymous said...

What came first? The dick or the box?



Anonymous said...

I can see it now- justin timberlake singing the sequel "cock under lock".

Big Ben said...

Well now I know what to ask for for my birthday!

Scott said...

Absolute genious. Who say's that the golden age of songwriting is over??


Anonymous said...

I knew it was gonna be dirty as soon as I heard her sing. It started off much more C.S. style. S.D.