Jan 26, 2007

Oh what I would give to pick his brain.

Author, conspirator, ex-con, CIA operative, Latin American propagandist, and destroyer of third world governments. Much has been said about the famed Watergate mastermind Howard Hunt. His passing this week may help bring a sigh of relief to those who hope to forget the turbulent political times during the infamous corruption of the Nixon White House; however I will miss what I call living history.

Yes he may have been a crook and a liar; however he also may have just been a misguided soldier who never failed to follow a direct order from his superiors. His death will not suppress the rumors of his supposed involvement or secrets of the JFK assassination, or the many other dark achievements he may have been involved in, but I find his public figure fascinating.

Just the story of his wife blackmailing Nixon with information to keep her husband from being prosecuted is the stuff of legend. After Hunt was named a suspect in Watergate, Mrs Hunt reportedly went forward to the White House with the claim that she could tie Kennedy's death with powerful men in Washington. Upset at the lack of legal defense payments from the Nixon administration she went public to journalist Michelle Clark. Shortly after their first meeting the two died in a plane crash.

There are many other tales of Howard Hunt and the upcoming release of his memoirs may shed some light on the turbulent career of the head of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Well if anyone actually believes him. Whatever kind of disposition this man may have had I would give so much to have a meeting with him and pick his brain. Hunt and I with a bottle of liquor and cigars. Just to hear his theories on the fragile system we call our Republic and how our liberty is truly defended would be at least entertaining if not mind blowing. Maybe I think too much like a conspiracy theorist nut, but it's minds like Hunt's that truly intrigue me.

You really don't give a damn do you?

"No one is entitled to the truth." - E. Howard Hunt

Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt dies at 88


Scott said...

Very interesting stuff... further reading for me perhaps.

Mattbear said...

You're absolutely right; a candid conversation with him would have been amazing. He was a power player at a time when the power players were really just starting to get to run things without oversight. I think the 60's and 70's increased the power of our government more than most people realize.

Big Ben said...

I have to admit I don't know too much about Watergate but I love a good conspiracy theory!