Apr 11, 2007

Ask Wiwille: I'm so Rawbean's bitch.

Rawbean has requested that I write an analysis of a mix CD she made for me. The CD was part of my prize in one of her contests. Since Rawbean claims she needs this information who am I to deny her a review? What our Canadian bloggers want they get.

I think she's doing this cause I once gave her crap about her claim that Nelly Furtado's album is good. Still let's jump right in. This is my real time review of Rawbean's mix CD. Enjoy:

1. Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John: Good track. I'm really digging the beats and overall it has a good harmony. While the songwriters are hardly poets the instrumentals make up for it.
2. Over and Over - Hot Chip: It's a fun little diddy with somewhat clever lyrics; however the title is very telling.
3. Song for Clay (Disappear Here) - Bloc Party: The vocals are a little much to take. It's like the singer is trying to display range that he clearly doesn't have. I know it's ridiculous to desire great vocals from a rock & roll band (Smashing Pumpkins, who I love), but still this is really the only complaint I have about this. This is a cool tune. It's got a great rhythm section and decent guitar.
4. Friend of Mine - Lilly Allen: Pretty mellow tune. Not entirely original, which again is a silly complaint when listening to modern rock, but I still like it. The vocals are enticing which makes up for the simple lyrics. It also has some reggae influence which is cool.
5. All Farewells - Coast: I'm completely unmoved by this song. It just feels like I've heard it before numerous times on some soundtrack of a indie film aimed at early twenty somethings.
6. Hide & Seek - Imogen Heap: This song seems more of a novelty then anything, but I enjoy the singing talents behind it if not the song itself.
7. Forever Indebted - Shout Out Out Out Out: So far this is my favorite track. They got some really kickin beats and great transitions. It almost hearkens me back to my raver days so long ago. Has a distinct 80s tech vibe as well like old Skinny Puppy before they went industrial.
8. Hustle Rose - Metric: Interesting song. The writers were really striving for something original here, but failed to grasp my interest really. Sort of epileptic in it's overall flow, but if you stick with it it turns out to be a decent song.
9. Inside of Love - Nada Surf: Sort of has a Snow Patrol feel and I think that's a good thing. Good melody.
10. String of Blinking Lights - Paper Moon: I don't like the fact they named their band after such a good movie, but this song is okay at best.
11. Title and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie: Not a bad track at all. Again a mellow tune with decent vocals.
12. Double Shadow - Junior Boys: Has a Depeche Mode influence which I enjoy.
13. Love's a Game - The Magic Numbers: Kind of bluesy, but good track. The singer has a sound which you'll swear you've heard before.
14. Everything is Everything - Phoenix: Well the title really sums it up. Very simple structure and lyrics. It's like Yogi Bera wrote this. Instrumentals and vocals are basic and redundant.
15. Into your Hideout - Pilate: The singer is good and overall the song has a nice flow. I like the riffs, but the simple rhythm section is kinda annoying.
16. That Can be Arranged - Tom Vek: I actually like these lyrics for reasons I can't explain. The repetitive chorus gets old quick, but it's got a cool sound. Even though the singer's voice is monotone it somehow fits this tune very well.
17. Needle in the Hay - Elliot Smith: Meh. Not diggin it. With a little more work on it's composition this could be a good song, but not as it stands now. Good guitar work though.

Overall I really enjoy this CD, but writing a review of something someone made for you feels kinda odd. The fact that Rawbean seems smart enough to never sleep with me makes a reasoned analysis easier though. I have no idea what the review would look like if the Pretty Girl made it. She's such a saint for putting up with me.

I don't know why but I have it in my head that all my Blogger buddies (including the guys) look like supermodels. I believe that because someone's hot means they have to be a good person. Yeah I'm shallow.

Again a shout out to Rawbean for taking the time to make this for me.

"I need an indepth analysis of the CD I sent you. Like each song needs to be broken down (like trib did when I sent him a CD). Even if you don't like it." - Rawbean


rawbean said...

I am very excited that your favorite song is the Shout Out Out Out Out song as I love them so much right now.

Having said that, we obviously have different tastes in music. I take you more as a classic rock guy which I am not, and I can't stand metallica, which you like! But it's all good.

What's this about me not sleeping with you? WHAT? WHAT? Does your girlfriend read this thing? What the hell?

I'm not hot. Slightly cute maybe, definitely not hot.

rawbean said...

I just realized you have Shout Out4 as the picture. Now THOSE GUYS are hot. I'd sleep with those guys.

TracieLacy said...

Wiwille, you're so hot. ;)

whatigotsofar said...

I - Nelly Furtado's album is good... for a coaster, a Frisbee. You get the idea.
II - Thank you for thinking I might not look like the phantom of the opera or that guy from The Goonies.

Miss Ash said...

I enjoy Imogen Heap and Pilate. I was at a taping of MTV Live and she was there, very artsy fartsy and cute. I dig her music.

I'm sure you've seen photos of me.....not supermodel material haha, but i'll take it.

Mattbear said...

It's better than the mix CD I would make for you. If I made you a mix CD, it would consist solely of Liza Minelli's greatest hits with songs about ostriches interspersed. I think you know why.