Apr 25, 2007

Us serfs will build our homes with straw.

After browsing the housing market around Seattle I've come to the conclusion that I'll never be able to afford a modest home unless I make 40% more, commit fraud on a massive scale on my loan application, or marry an old widow who'll leave me her property after her soon demise. Viewing some places that seemed ok at best I looked again at the price and wanted to beat everyone responsible for asking that much and still believe they're going to heaven. I wanted to deficate in a bag and throw it on various cars in the area in hopes of lowering the property values, but I know I could leave body parts hanging in trees without making much of a dent.

Now I could afford something reasonable if I entertained the notion of an two hour commute, but that's not really practical nor sane. I understand that the dawn of the 90s killed single income suburban upper middle class lifestyels, but when I think that I'd be living like a king in almost every other community in the state burns me.

Now the media is finally reporting on the fact that housing prices have dropped (read: are no longer rising at an alarming rate) and foreclosures are the highest they've ever been since before the depression. I hear news about how great the Dow is doing and every middle class worker should rejoice in the stock market boom even though they can't afford to drop any of their paycheck into their 401ks. It's maddening to think that every time I read economic news all stories are about Wall Street and it's competition with global markets, but no news reader likes to hear about the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor.

I really shouldn't complain. I know their are millions all over the world who would turn down sex with Salma Hayek to live the lifestyle I do. I love Seattle, but still sometimes I think to myself if enjoying such a beautiful area is really worth it.

"I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do." - Salma Hayek


Miss Ash said...

Do you rent currently? Perhaps the pretty girl and yourself could purchase a home hehe.

I'm really not into homes, i'd prefer a condo or a loft quite frankly. Other than for tanning purposes I do not need a lawn, nor a garden.

Mattbear said...

Yes, unfortunately a single income is not going to be enough to buy a house these days. Hell, we have two incomes and we're selling our house and going back to renting for now.

rawbean said...

I have been having this conversation with friends recently. I believe that lifestyle should rule. Yea I rent too, but you know what? Vancouver is just way nicer than most cities in Winnipeg and I am willing to take a hit on the homefront to stay here.

Why don't you and P.G. move in together?

Claire said...

Oh man, the joys of singleness and lack of homeownership...if you heard someone cry 'Preach it, Wiwille!' in the middle of the post, that would have been me.


Scott said...

Well I have the priveledge of living in the most expensive city in Canada and I feel your pain.. that is why I live in a small condo! It's a start though.

Anonymous said...

The housing market here as it is, is making Fargo, ND look mighty fine, besides, I like snow.... >.>