Apr 4, 2007

You mean people aren't nice on the web?

I was reading in the Huffington Post an article entitled 'Misogyny In The Blogosphere: The Debate Continues'. In it the author, Melissa Lafsky, backs up her use of the titillating title with examples such as the recent death threats made against Kathy Sierra. Melissa asks the poignant question of why so many internet users target women.

The writer does admit the theory that women are likely to be subject to a cyber attack then men is difficult to prove; however that doesn't stop her from citing evidence from female bloggers that would make people side with her. While misogyny seems to be more under the microscope of female bloggers than say guys like me, I never really noticed such a pervasive storm of anti-feminine web lit. What really gets me about this article is that it never mentions the attacks given against the bloggers and writers we don't like, such as the insane Malkin and attention whore Ann Coulter, that have been going on for years. When we blast them it's edgy political discourse, but when we attack those "good" writers it's a sure sign of machismo run amok.

Still this would all be solved if those bitches would shut the fuck up and make me some pie.


Regardless anyone who makes an anonymous death threat, especially a man expressing their desire to hurt a woman because of a written opinion, or any reason for that matter, is a coward unworthy of calling themselves men. Since I'm the perfect example of everything that is great about being masculine you should trust my holier-than-though judgement on nerdy men hiding behind the veil of their monitors. I will never understand why guys feel compelled to frighten women like this.

"Misogyny is a common noun, which is, to me, crap." - Dennis Potter


Miss Ash said...

Wow, I didn't even know this was going on. It makes me sick that someone would even say such things. That's disgusting.

Claire said...

"Still this would all be solved if those bitches would shut the fuck up and make me some pie."

This Cartman esque sentence totally made me chortle, fwiw....


Claire said...

And in other news, yes, I fully agree....only a coward (and, imho, a fool) would behave in that way.


whatigotsofar said...

I'm still convinced every woman on the Internet is really a teenage guy messing with people.

Anonymous said...