Apr 23, 2007


Saturday was a bit of a downer as the weather dampened the idea of renting bicycles. Instead the Pretty Girl and I ate breakfast and headed down to a local movie theatre. Since we got there about an hour before any of the movies started I decided to go peak into Renton Motorsports and look at motorcycles.

We walked down the aisles and I drooled over many of the bikes. There were so many nice ones just staring, almost begging me to purchase them. It was like being at a pet store with puppies pawing at the window excited at the prospect of a new home. I looked at the prices and thought to myself that I can afford one; however I have other things to spend my money on.

But really is there money better spent than on something I've dreamed of owning since I was 12? Seeing Andrew's new crotch rocket, err 'sport cruiser', made the wanting for the open rode on two wheels even more apparent. Standing in the store I dreamt of straddling a large horse powered hog cruising the beautiful mountains with a camera resting in a saddle bag and a woman of loose morals behind me grasping my waist.

The urge to spend my last bit of savings became almost too much to handle. Later that day I decided to hop in the car and head down to the local Harley dealer, cause I might as well look at something I really want. I used to go into that store so often that a salesman actually remembered my name each time.

It's been a while since I've been there as I saw the dealer was closed down for good. A sign out front indicated it would be the future home of an insurance company. It's just as well. Why torture myself?

"I can be an 80-year-old man and still acting, riding around on a motorcycle, naked." - Peter Fonda


Claire said...

Naked Peter Fonda!!!???!

rawbean said...

Seems like every guy I know is buying a motocycle these days. What is the deal with that anyways?? I would NEVER get on the back of one of those things.

Scott said...

Be safe out there if you do get one.

Anonymous said...

I say do it! You only live once and you are getting up there in tree rings, ya know? ;) A motorcycle is on my list of future purchases as well. I figure I already have the tats and the rack to pull off biker bitch. ;)


Anonymous said...

With gas prices being what they are, might be an economical way to get around, and you get to ride in the carpool lane. I've had my eye on a few different bikes as well. Always thought it would be fun to take a month off work and just hit the road.