Apr 10, 2007

No justice no peace.

Another day and another ridiculous story dominating the mainstream news. Tired old geezer Don Imus said some hurtful remarks when describing the Rutger's women's basketball team and now he's come under fire for such statements. Rightfully so I might add. What Imus said was racist and insensitive and any criticism thrown is way is just.

That is until the Rev Al Sharpton stepped on board and called for the shock jock's resignation. The attention whore that is the Reverend even brought Imus onto his radio show and berated him saying that he should be fired even though he may be a "good person". The media has been covering this event, i.e. circus, with full attention on Al's fight to stay relevant.

Being an advocate for free speech it may surprise some that I have no problem with Don Imus being fired or suspended. He works for a private corporation and if they feel he's hurt their business with his comments then they should take appropriate actions. Yes I feel Don's comments were indeed racist, but I'll make no judgement if the man himself feels 'nappy headed ho's' are inferior. Still every time Sharpton comes into any debate about race, or anything for that matter, I always want to take sides with Al's current foe.

It's funny how the Reverend, who claims to be a man of Christ, sits there and calls for people to be fired yet he conveniently forgets a teaching paramount to his faith and that is forgiveness. After this story became big news Al called Don to come on his radio show and apologize when the only apology given should be to the girl's basketball team. Of course Sharpton wouldn't accept Imus' public statements on how bad he feels about what he said and still insists he be let go from his radio show.

Given Sharpton's shameful track record, including the Tawana Brawley incident and inciting riots based on heresay, who the hell is he to make any judgements about people? Since he claims to be a man of the cloth I have to go with the overly cliche line of "Al, what would Jesus do?"

What's worse is that when important matters of racial politics come to the public's attention it seems to be cheapened every time Sharpton enters the mix. Sad that once important leaders in civil rights movement such as Martin Luther King Jr are no longer with us and we're left with a media whore.

What's really weird is that Imus insulted the looks of the basketball team, but one of them is kinda hot.

Like how I turn a story about racial politics so I can post a pic of someone cute?

“Crime is going down everywhere but in the New York City Police Department.” - Al Sharpton


Claire said...

Classic wiwille....from WWJD to a hottie in 3 seconds flat :-).

Scott said...

Hahahaha... nice pic.

Al is something else man. good post

rawbean said...

Three unrelated items:

1. Thanks for threatening to lay the law down to my mystery mail person.

2. Are you gonna get on Facebook or what? (Big Ben and I are friends)

3. I need an indepth analysis of the CD I sent you. Like each song needs to be broken down (like trib did when I sent him a CD). Even if you don't like it.

Grace said...

Hehe, that's funny... she kinda looks like Julia Stiles.

Anyways, I saw a piece about this on the news today... I personally didn't hear what the guy said (so I'm not sure how rude he actually was), but I don't think he should be fired over it. He has a right to his own opinion... radio hosts always say a bunch of crap. We've got a station here in Ottawa, wow, the things that they say about people are so hurtful, and everyone just laughs it off. So they should just give this guy a break. That's my opinion...