Sep 21, 2007

Peace be with you.

Some dirty hippie decided to make today the International Day of Peace as recognized by the ever so effective body we know as the United Nations. I guess I was supposed to dress in robes, burn incense, and listen to a 'Fish' album, but sadly I forgot what an important worldwide recognized day it is. I mean look around you. All combatants are laying down their weapons and sharing needle point tips with the enemy. It's a glorious day for non-conflict I tell you so after your acupuncture appointment I want you to kick off your sweatshop produced sandals and dance real stupid like to the funky rhythms of eastern music.

This really spoiled my plans to knock out the jackass at the gym who keeps singing Coldplay loudly, but alas I must do unto others today.

"Making peace, I have found, is much harder than making war." - Gerry Adams

Peace Day - September 21


Miss Ash said...

I don't attend church...but when I have been there, you know how they say "Peace be with you, and also with you."

It reminds me of the Vacation movie with Chevy Chase when they are all in the train and Rusty has his headphones on, everyone is getting mad and he starts pointing in their faces singing "and yoooouuuuu" "and youuuuuu" and then I start to laugh in church...sometimes loudly.

Mattbear said...

I think you mean "Phish", you fascist pig.

jackass at the gym said...

I coughed up some phlegm,
Just for you,
While you did your reps,
And it was all yellow.

TracieLacy said...

When you knock out jackass, make sure you bring a camera crew....