Sep 5, 2007

Republican anal.

I was watching Hardball yesterday as I was cooking dinner to try in an attempt to keep up with all that's going on in federal politics. First segment had host Chris Matthews drilling his guests on questions about the campaign strategies of mostly unlikable presidential candidates. Questioning the appearance of Bill Clinton on Oprah and Hillary Clinton on Ellen they debated whether the talk show circuit was a good idea, was Bill helping or hurting Hillary poll number, and Fred Thompson's upcoming announcement.

Interesting stuff I thought. I like watching campaigns even when I find the pool of candidates to be shallow at best. The Hardball host then went on to a new topic.

Larry Craig has announced he will be resigning from office later this month. When not watching the Top Gun volleyball scene on YouTube the Republican senator from Idaho was arrested for allegedly attempting to solicit sex in an airport bathroom. Although he plead guilty to the charges he swears he's not gay and hopes to be vindicated after changing his plea.

I've been on some long layovers and even though I've done some insane stuff to keep myself entertained I've never thought to myself 'you know what would hit the spot right now? Some Starbucks and some restroom stall anal.' Call me different.

Anyways I'm in the camp of not giving a good damn about the Senator's public sex rendezvous. Matthews went on and on about various conservatives that are about to be outed. I then changed the channel to CNN.

Wolf Blitzer was talking about Larry Craig's press conference where he promises his constituents he's not into giving reach arounds. Change channel.

NWCN anchor person details the upcoming new plea agreement for Larry Craig....change channel.

Brit Hume.....change channel.

Oh look another pundit telling me the troop surge isn't working and poll numbers are down for Bush and Congress. Yeah didn't see that coming.

I turned to HBO. They had The Island on. I hate that movie, but I sat through part of it again. My loyal readers know why. Sad I find a crappy Michael Bay film more interesting than today's news.

"Agreements are always the product of time and place." - Larry Craig


Miss Ash said...

I would like to hear about the insane stuff you've done at the airport to keep yourself occupied.

I've read, slept, watched tv, played there's your boyfriend but that's about it.

Scott said...

The news sucks... wish there was another way to get information that was not so much work.

I don't understand why trying to get sex in the bathroom is illegal.. he only asked after all.

whatigotsofar said...

Why am I the only person who actually likes Michael Bay movies. Although The Island really wasn't that good.

My loyal readers know why.
Steve Buscemi, right?