Sep 10, 2007

Wiwille turns into responsible adult, pansy.

This weekend turned out to be a whirl wind of sorts as I drove up to my folks to celebrate my Mother's birthday. After grilling a meal for the parents and watching movies Corey called and invited me out with some friends to drink. We sat around an Irish pub and played 'Family Business', a mafia based card game which turned out to be a lot of fun.

Finally last call came about and I said goodbye to Corey, Tracie, Elli, Friend, and Sara. They left and I went to pay my tab. I left without incident and walked a block and saw a guy across the street rip his shirt off and lightly shove a girl.

"Fuck you bitch," he yelled. "The only reason I slep with ya is cause you're easy."

Yeah this is going to go well. The other girl was trying to stay in between them and diffuse the situation. I was across the street minding my own business when one of the girls sees me and yells "kick his ass".

Shirtless nut then turns and looks at me. I stop and lock eyes with him.

"You don't wanna step," he said in very eloquent fashion. "You don't wanna step."

"Fuck you," I said. "Leave the girls alone".

"You don't wanna step," he repeated. "I gotta knife in my back pocket."

Oh fuck me he's got a knife. This is turning into an episode of Cops. Sizing him up I weighed the odds heavily in my favor, but you put a knife into the mix everything changes. I was there alone with nothing to counter a blade with. I can handle myself in a fight, but all bets are off when weapons are concerned especially when you consider I didn't have one. He stayed on his side of the street looking scared. Maybe he didn't have a knife and was just trying to make me think he did. Well it worked.

I backed away calling him a coward for shoving girls and carrying blades and he just stood there and looked at me. As luck would have it I rounded the corner and a cop pulled up. I flagged him down telling him about the shirtless freak and he thanked me. I guess if I did fight the guy I probably be in jail or worse stabbed.

Looking back I really wanted to inflict pain on the abusive pig fucker, but sadly the girl would probably keep sleeping with him and they would have kids and over populate the planet with more wastes of sperm. Hopefully the cop dealt with the situation accordingly and maybe I should let people fight their own battles as I'm clearly not equipped to handle some knife wielding yahoo. I may have made the right decision, but at times I wonder what would've happened if I engaged the worthless piece of white trash. I feel like a pansy.

I'm alive and well thankfully and ready to embrace my new found single life. If I ever resemble that freak will someone please beat me savagely?

"I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you it will be with a knife." - Louise Brooks


whatigotsofar said...

Not that I'm taking sides with the shirtless freak, but getting involved would be wrong because you weren't aquainted with all the facts. Maybe he was just an abusive pig fucker or maybe he was justified in his actions.

Miss Ash said...

New found single life..what happened to the Pretty Girl??

I wouldn't have "stepped" but I probably would have at least made sure the girls were ok, suggested they run away or something at least...not leave them with the abusive asshole alone.

Miss Ash said...
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PaBLo G said...

Errrr, yup, you're right, she would have probably ended up with him or another guy like that anyway, so risking yourself would have been wothless. There are consequences to dating abusive men, so there. On the other hand, if these were girls you knew, you would have stepped in, of this I have no doubt. Single life is good, in my case it happens frequently, but it just doesn't seem to last long, damnit :P

Anonymous said...

You are so macho Erik! No, you aren't a pansy for protecting yourself, it's called intelligence. I wouild've kicked your ass if you went and got yourself stabbed. Regarding single life, I am sure some lucky woman will figure out how rad you are, yes I said rad. Deal with it. In the meantime, strippers and booze baby, strippers and booze...


TracieLacy said...

You're a hero wiwille!

mungsprout said...

Somehow I find it hard to picture you telling me, or anyone for that matter, 'not to step' so I think you have very little to worry about as far as resembling that asshole. Never the less, Im here for you if you need a svage beating