Sep 26, 2007

Wish you luck pals.

A computer club at Washington State University has brainstormed a novel idea and I hope it goes well for them. Sorority girls can hire the nerds to teach them computer skills, assist them with homework, and, get this, a date. Yes in an attempt to broaden their social endeavors the tech wonders will solicit their services not only for software assistance, but actually interacting with girls, a task they're unfamiliar with.

I salute the brave lads for putting themselves on the auction block like this. Maybe I should start a similar service. Ladies if you're looking for someone with rock hard abs, the intellect of Hawking, and the wit of Twain to assist you with anything and everything from fixing a clutch to teaching quantum physics well look no further than Wiwille. Bidding starts at $40. Yes I come cheap, but the demand for my greatness is so huge I may outsell Halo 3.

"I'm super dorky." - Jessica Alba


whatigotsofar said...

Or... if you'd like somebody who's not completely full of sh*t, gimme a call. Bidding starts at 40 Canadian dollars. (That's like 39.99 US.)

WIGSF, player hating since '07.

Miss Ash said...

Ah good for the geeks. I watch BATG and felt bad for the lad that got kicked off last night, he certainly needs more social interaction with others.