Sep 18, 2007

Wiwille is the infidel.

Well folks the religion of peace strikes again (That joke will never stop being funny). The holy prophet has been blasphemed again, this time by a Swedish cartoonist who depicted him with the body of a kanine. Instead of embracing parody as paramount to free speech Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, Iraqi al-Qaida in Iraq leader, placed a bounty on his life in the sum of $100,000 plus another $50,000 if he gets 'slaughtered like a lamb'.

Not content to stop there Abu Omar -al Bagdadi (say that out loud without chuckling) offered another $50,000 to anyone who kills the editor in chief of the newspaper that published the offensive cartoon. He then went back to masturbating to 'Wild Kingdom'.

Lars Vilks, the cartoonist, is now in hiding fearing death.

While I try to embrace the idea of multi-culturalism sometimes I find it so friggin hard to do.

In other news it's rumored that Elisha Cuthbert has a sex tape that may be released soon. Oh Elisha why did you have to cheat on me? I mean seriously girl we had great times together and you promised me I was the only one, yet sadly you had to stray and my heart is tearing at the seams. It appears our love was not true and it pains me to end it this way. I'll always remember you even if you decided to make your infidelity public.

Eh...Scarlett was getting jealous anyways.

Like how I went from Islam politics to Elisha? You're welcome.

"I feel like I'm one of the Simpson's'." - Elisha Cuthbert

Muhammed cartoonist forced from home
Elisha Cuthbert sex tape?


whatigotsofar said...

Could it be that Elisha didn't stray and its you on the sex tape?
Wiwille, quick to judge since 2007.

Miss Ash said...

Violence, violence, violence....that's all we ever hear about.

TracieLacy said...

I used to get really drunk with this weird guy named Abu Omar....he always had the best purple stuff. Strangely, that's all I remember.

PaBLo G said...

"The religion of peace and tolerance" LOL that's funny. They should hire O.J. to recover all those cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia praise the courage of Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Thorbjorn Larsson and the staff of Nerikes Allehanda and Dagens Nyheter and condemn threats issued by Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq. Muslims Against Sharia will provide a payment of 100,000kr (about $15,000) for the information leading to capture or neutralization of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

Muslimer mot Sharia berömmer Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Torbjörn Larsson och övriga anställda på Nerikes Allehanda och Dagens Nyheter för deras tapperhet och fördömer hotet från Abu Omar Al Baghdadi och Islamistiska Iraq. Muslimer mot Sharia betalar 100 000 SEK (ca 15 000$) för information som leder till gripande eller oskadligörande av Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

Muslims Against Sharia

TracieLacy said...

umm, okay....he went that way ---->