Feb 11, 2008

Wiwille needs a new pact

Yesterday it was announced that via MySpace (I guess that site is used for reasons other than sport fucking strangers) that my dear friend and colleague Andrea was proposed to in an unconventional manner by her boy toy turned boyfriend Justin. I'm happy for the both of them and wish them a good life together. It better be a raging time in Vegas.

Andrea and I jokingly had a marriage pact where if we're both single by the time I turn 40 we would tie the knot in the Church of Elvis. Now that she won't be available when (if) I reach middle age I need to find myself a new pact. You know just in case I can't convince anyone to be my wife within the next seven years. Or I could just be a bachelor forever and enjoy a life of emptying my 401k at a local strip club and crying my lonely ass to sleep after I receive my 12th DUI.

Wow that got a little depressing there. At least I'll have WIGSF to hang out with and we can argue the merits of libertarian values as he defends his position that women will try and rule the Earth by implementing a totalitarian state that requires all men to wear GPS ankle bracelets and give 80% of our income to NOW.

Then again if things do go my way I'll be married before I know it to a wonderful woman who will put up with my numerous flaws. I'll keep you informed.

"A wedding is just like a funeral except that you get to smell your own flowers." - Grace Hansen


Anonymous said...

Don't worry pal. I'm here for ya. By here, I mean, you know, southern Ontario. But if I ever take my pathetic one man show on the road, I'll make a stop in the Pacific northwest.

Miss Ash said...

I had a similar pact but of course I forget who it was with and at what age, though I believe it was more around the 30 mark.....crap, I have a month to remember who it was with!!!

Alyssa said...

I have a feeling you'll find the one by your cut off date.