Feb 27, 2008

Wiwille watches television.

I was doing laundry last night and flicking through the channels. I came across a program on ABC called Primetime: What Would You Do? The premise was a hidden camera show where they stage certain events and catch the reaction of the public.

First off they had a Muslim actress dressed in a burkha-esque outfit being kicked out of a bakery by another actor playing an employee. The employee was ordering her out for not being an American and a threat to the customers. Some of the other shoppers agreed with employee, more confronted the man's bigotry, but most just kept quiet and observed the event with curiosity.

The program went as about how'd you expect. The Muslim girl watched the footage later in tears as she has been the victim or real bigotry before. A valuable life lesson was learned and ABC producers can take time from screwing high dollar hookers to remind us all that prejudice is alive and well in America.

The show went on with other segments. One had three teenage actresses bullying another actress calling her names and taunting her in a park. Passerbys would confront the girls often mocking them themselves. What was interesting is when the girls started dressing all "gangster" and used violent rhetoric people were less confrontational which was sad.

ABC would like to remind you that standing up for justice is a noble act and used strange methods to illustrate the idea. Although it's an ideology I agree with I wonder sometimes what I would do in such situations. I imagine if I encountered something of that nature they couldn't air it due to FCC regulations. The dialogue would be incomprehensible as most of it would be a bunch of beeps.

Evil exists because good men do nothing, but I'm sometimes confused as to what is an appropriate action. If I encountered kids ganging up and beating the crap out of another kid should I use violence to stop them? Would I be under the threat of a lawsuit? Should I just go after the parents? Would it be better to break into their homes and urinate on their Xboxes?

The last segment intrigued me the most as they had an engaged woman eat a restaurant with an actor. The groom-to-be's best friend then enters the restaurant and sits and watches the woman flirt and get cozy with the actor. The friend was mortified and texted his buddy who was in on the whole thing. The soon to be married man shows up at the restaurant after the female and her companion leave. After much stress the guy breaks the news to his friend that his fiance was cheating on him. What was shocking was that the guy tried to calm down his friend and explained to him that if he loves the woman to fight for her and not call her a whore or anything like that. He really wanted his buddy to be sensible about it and to always respect the woman.

Well I guess it beats my 'go out and bang her sister and her best friend right now, preferably at the same time. Oh and in public' method. I guess I'm not that great a friend.

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one…” - Edmund Burke

What Would You Do?


Miss Ash said...

I still don't understand what's in Renton. You don't want a bunch of roomates you don't know etc so how is moving there going to help that?

As for Primetime I saw the one on Friday night (nerd I know) and I know that racism is alive and well everywhere in the world but it really made me sad. They had these 3 white youth spray painting a car....911 got 3 phonecalls, one about the youth and 2 about some African American people sleeping in a car in the same park. The callers said they looked like they were crouching down and hiding, getting ready to rob the car.

In reality they were family members of one of the youth who were sleeping while waiting for him to do his segement. Low and behold they change the 3 white youth with 3 black youth and 911 gets countless calls about the destruction of the car.

People disgust me!

Wiwille said...

Miss Ash - There are many reasons I'm moving back to Renton. A) I'm moving in with someone I do know. B) The rent is far cheaper. C) Little less commute time. D) Closer to my gym and dojo. E) No friggin cats as my new roommate is allergic. F) It has a pool. G) It's a better neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

no friggin cats

Which commandment is that again?

Big Ben said...

Is that movie based on your life?

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - Thou shalt not obtain the foul feline beast. It's the fourteenth commandment, but Moses decided to leave it out.

BB - Yes I constantly fuck ex-girlfriend's moms. It's a hobby.