Nov 13, 2008

Thursday Music

As a younger lad I was a huge fan of Guns n Roses. Yes I rocked out to Appetite for Destruction many a time even going so far as to set up my own living room concert with a friend of mine. I still listen to the album on an infrequent basis and find it's one of the few that I don't find myself skipping tracks on.

Then came GnR Lies which I enjoyed. Shortly thereafter they unleashed Use Your Illusion 1 & 2, which was a mixed bag at best. I still say if they took the best songs off both albums and combined them into one you'd have an enjoyable record. Of course they never asked me.

The Spaghetti Incident sounded like something that was made to stroke their own egos and was largely forgotten if listened to at all.

Now with the current release of suckage I would like to remind all that this band once rocked a long time ago.

"I like Nine Inch Nails and I like hip-hop." - Axl Rose


Anonymous said...

Appetite is still a fantastic record. Lies, really? UYI, if you cut out the garbage and shorten it to a proper hour long record, you get one great record.

This new record. I've heard the first single, it didn't suck as much as I would have expected, but it sucks none-the-less.

And Appetite's original cover, still one of my top 5 fave album covers.

Kelli said...

How'd I know it was gonna be Rocket Queen?? I listen to this album at least once a week ... Along with a heavy dose of Metallica. Great choice for Thursday Music.

Miss Ash said...

The new song is AWFUL however I do dig the old stuff ala the November Rain era!

Big Ben said...

I still listen to my GNR greatest hits CD a lot. Yes i still listen to CD's.

Scott said...

I can't even really believe that they call the new album a GNR album. It makes no sense to me. AXEL sucks.