Nov 19, 2008

For some reason they care and we don't care enough

The results of Prop 8 in California baffles me. We've all heard the arguments for and against gay marriage, but seriously I've yet to find someone who can simply explain how logically they can be against two consenting adults entering into what is in the eyes of the government a property arrangement.

I grew up in a religious home, Catholic to be exact. I was brought up to believe that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of the Lord. It wasn't an issue that was discussed with much frequency in our house, but enough to where I truly believed in what I was told.

I grew older and more cynical about established traditions. I finally sat and read the good book cover to cover. I found the amount of sins listed in the Bible so numerous it was mind boggling. After much thought I just decided to leave someones personal life between themselves and God. I was done caring.

I have no personal stake in Prop 8 becoming an amendment of California's state constitution. I'm not gay, but in no way do I feel my government needs to defend the institution or it's sacredness for me. If I ever choose to enter the union my bride and I will make up our minds about it's holiness. The state can simply oversee the tax benefits, asset dispersal in case of dissolution, and that's about as far as I'm comfortable with my elected officials being involved in it. In my perfect world I would love to see marriage out of the hands of the government completely.

I won't go into some emotional rant ala Keith Olberman, cause do so would be disingenuous. Again I have no personal stake in the issue, but for this I say to conservatives. Since you've been a long opponent of government intervention in the personal and professional lives of ordinary citizens why does gay marriage get a free pass? In fact why is it that you so willingly allow your state officials to ban anything that might offend your delicate sensibilities when it has zero effect on your personal life? Why do you want it both ways?

I can understand having a religious or moral issue with gayness, but do you think your God really gives a good damn about them being married? I mean shouldn't his only concern, assuming your higher power has one, be with the sex act? What difference would it make to the Lord if gay people agreed to legally combine their assets, enjoy a tax break, and be allotted hospital visits?

Now it's unfair to target only conservatives regarding the passing of Prop 8. They ran an effective campaign and donated tons of money to see it pass. Now where were the liberals? Seriously did you all just give every nickle and dime to Obama and not seem to give a crap about the personal freedoms of your fellow citizens? If this civil right is so important as many has been shouting about, where was your money, time, and diligence? Sure you can give your loyalty to a person you know little about, but not take any notice in a bill clearly defined to deny someone the right to enter marriage. You sat back and celebrated the election of your chosen savior while many were suffering the loss of something so simple as the freedom to sign a contract.

Your apathy or your overwhelming love for everything in D.C. helped make sure this bill wuld pass. I'm just as guilty.

"I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman." - Arnold Schwarzenegger


Kelli said...

I'm right there with you on that one. I don't understand how it didn't pass. I have asked around about reasons why people would vote against Prop 8 and the number one answer I've received is-- "Marriage is between a man and a women. If gays/lesbians want to wed it should be called a 'civil union'." The explanation above is simply semantics. They see the word "marriage" associated with religion and "civil union" associated with a binding agreement between two people. Get over the verbiage people. If they love each other ... right on. The world could use a little more of it.

whatigotsofar said...

In the state of California, homosexuals already have property arrangements recognized by the government (a civil union or whatever). This fight looks to be all over symantics.

And that is what I find most sad about this whole ordeal. It's all about the word 'marriage' and not the act itself.

Princess Kitten said...

I've opined on this topic many times. Fuck the government and their bullshit rules. Two men/women getting married hurts NO ONE. I don't get how it didn't pass either. Things would be so much better if I ran the world.

Rusted Violin said...

thats not actually true, although california does recognize civil unions that only affects state rights, what prop 8 does is limit federal rights, which are much more substantial as everyone knows when filing taxes.

Scott said...

It boggles my mind that anyone would want to limit the rights of their fellow citizens. It is really something that is based on intolerance, totally ridiculous and should not be decided by voters.

Mattbear said...

The question I just keep wanting to ask anyone who would support Prop 8 is, "How would you feel if a Muslim majority came along and voted in a law saying all women were property of their husbands, that the man owned everything, and that you could be stoned to death if you committed adultery?"

Because basically, it's the same kind of religion forcing their rules on everyone.

JLee said...

It's hard to separate church and state when our government was originally based largely on Christian principles and the Bible. It's tough to make everyone happy in this day and age.

Miss Ash said...

This type of shit frustrates me to no end.