Nov 4, 2008

It's over

Last night I watched a man step on the stage to speak to this country. He stood in front of his microphone and like a rock star he swooned the audience with his command of language, his message of hope, and his amazing charisma. Girls were crying, celebrities were gushing, and last night all were entranced by the left's new hero.

A friend's obnoxious buddy stood up from his chair as the speech was being delivered. He then yelled that he couldn't believe this nation elected a black president.

If you asked me a few years ago if our country was ready for something like that I would have laughed at the idea. I truly underestimated how progressive the US could be.

I walked outside. I heard fireworks. I get into my car and start my way home. Sitting at a red light I look over to the car next to me. The girl started chanting Obama's name. She had me roll down my window and we slapped high fives as she leaned out the car. She then grasped my hand and shivered with glee. The girl blew me a kiss and I raised my hand to catch it. They drove off sharing their excitement with anyone within earshot.

Hope. It filled the city of Seattle as a sense of closure was brought to an incompetent administration. This country wanted something. The public cried out for change in our government and amazingly enough they got what they wished for. This is what I love about living in the US. If we really want it we can not only elect a minority president, but one day we can see a good one rise to power. Yes we can do it if we struggle, sacrifice, and never stop believing that all things are possible. As the history books close on this chapter of our existence that I've been lucky to not only observe but participate in I do hope it's readers will learn about this moment. The time when the electorate stood up to the powers that exist and demanded something new, something better, and for generations later we expected something greater from our elected leaders. It's citizens would stand for no less than an amazing person occupying 1600 Pennsylvania. Maybe that's a romantic ideal that only exists on television, but for a moment I felt that it may be possible.

Time will tell if Obama will be a good President or not. Regardless it is my hope that our citizens never forget the trials of living with a leader like Bush and never act as apathetic towards the federal government as they're used to.

"Americans... still believe in an America where anything's possible - they just don't think their leaders do." - Barack Obama


Sitsinfrontofyou said...

Awesome. I could not say it better.

Mattbear said...

Indeed, well said my friend.

You should go into politics.

Scott said...

I was watching last night and really wished that I was somewhere in the United States to watch history be made. It was exciting here in Canada but definitely not the same.

Mizzle said...

You should have gotten that girls number.

JLee said...

It's funny we put the same post title. lol
I hope he can deliver and is not just a figurehead or symbol of what people want. It takes the whole government and not just one man, a fact that some people forget.

Kelli said...

Well said Jlee. I do think people forget that fact.

Mang said...

We Can Has, yes, We can has.

Big Ben said...


After my days living in Texas I never thought a "black" (half white) person would be President. It was really great. It was a bit sicken that Prop 8 also got passed, but hey we can't have everything.