Nov 2, 2008

Halloween with Wiwille

I remember Halloweens of years ago, where mischief ruled the evening. Pumpkins smashed, cars egged, and general neglect of any activity that was safe or reasonable was on the agenda of many a teenager including myself.

Now I'm 33 years young. Not much has changed.

The night started off well with some drinking down at Ishca's. A live band was playing Irish music as beverages were consumed at a rate that would make Boris Yeltsin proud. Lively conversation and costume watching was to be had as there were many interesting outfits.

Only one guy got my Boondock Saints outfit and it was because of the fake tattoo (thanks Eli).

The evening progressed and we all made our way down to Rumors. I was the first to arrive and luckily a friend was up at the front of the line so I got to bypass the hour long wait. Sadly most of my friends didn't so just a few of them waited to get in. Standing in line at a gay friendly bar was quite surreal. Jessica's friend greeted me by grabbing my package. Yes it was a guy. I just let it go.

Finally I enter the bar and get myself a drink. I figured I needed one after having my genitals violated. Still I had a good time catching up with an old friend, dancing, and checking out all the interesting costumes. It would have been a better evening if I hadn't fell on the dance floor, but it wasn't the first time that happened and if I don't change my drinking habits it probably won't be the last.

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from being up for almost 24 hours that Friday. I'm still beat. I really need sleep and yet here I am blogging. I'm getting too old for this. The things I do to keep writing. I wish I could've written this on Halloween. That would've been an interesting post. Probably illiterate, but that's nothing new.

"There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world." - Jean Baudrillard


JLee said...

Sounds like fun and yes it takes longer to recover the older you get unfortunately. I will have to check out "Boondock Saints". The lighter hair guy is very familiar, I'm sure I've seen him in stuff. Hell, I may have seen "Saints" and just don't remember. I'm senile that way...

JLee said...

Oh yeah Sean Patrick Flanery! I liked him in "Suicide Kings".

Scott said...

Ah yes, the genital grab greeting. Takes a bit to recover from that for sure.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I must be a lonely perv. I didn't think there was very much wrong with the genital grab.

Kelli said...

Wow ... you must have a very enticing package. I would take the "genital grab" as a compliment. Glad to hear you had fun.