May 19, 2011


As many of you are already aware, it looks like there will be no NFL season this year. NFL owners, while chomping on their cigars hand rolled by Honduran toddlers, decided not to bow to the socialist whims of the players, who's biggest worry is making their Escalade payments.

While the fans watch a bunch of spoiled prima donnas battle it out with the forces of old and evil we now have to find a new way to pass our time come fall. Fantasy Football will no longer be in effect for obvious reasons and I'm saddned that the Nashville Tax Burdens will not suck away my Sundays. Perhaps I can get a hobby, read a novel, or just take in another sport.

Watching the CFL while being a resident of Texas is not something that is looked well upon around these parts. I might as well head a conference of Marxist guerillas fighters, or NAMBLA. College football does have it's merits, but doesn't offer the level of play only the NFL can bring. I can watch high school football, which is always a good time, but that still leaves Sunday and Monday nights with an empty feeling. At least we won't have to sit through another awful Super Bowl halftime show like last year.

Thankfully the UFC is year round, but I found another sport that has piqued my interest. Only the Japanese can muster the popularity of this event, which is something I not only want to watch, but to play as well:

"The NFL, like life, is full of idiots." - Randy Cross.

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wigsf3 said...

Is the CFL really that spurned in Texas? I'm not saying it's the highest level of football. We all know it's not. But with so many Texans heading up north every year to keep playing the game they love, I would imagine there might be some respect for the league.

But at least still you have college and high school football.