May 20, 2011


Obama made a speech yesterday regarding Israeli policy and asked both sides of the equation to resume talks regarding a possible peace process. He went into some detail asking the nation to roll back it's borders to the pre-Six Day War and kindly advised Hamas to quit being all Hamas-like.

Liberals gave a sense of glee saying this was a very brave move. Why I don't know. It's along the same policy of all Presidents since Nixon. It's the same rhetoric we've heard during Clinton's Camp David talks, which worked out swimmingly if you'll remember.

Conservatives are upset that Obama dare criticize the chosen people. Romney and Gingrich find using strongly worded phrases towards our ally in the Mideast hurtful to their poor little feelings. Since their favorite Christ killers are at the focal point of Armageddon, they'll back them and the 144,000 that will make it up in the rapture so the Lord can make it back to Earth.

I really don't get the idea that peace is even possible in that region, so a process for the Palestinians and Israel is laughable to me, sadly. I wish I shared in the optimism so many do for a stable middle east, but I don't see either side interested. I don't paint Israel as the only enemy in this as to do so would be naive. The problem really is that no one has a convincing argument that both sides really want peace in the end. If someone can change my mind I'm all ears.

The President made the speech he had to make and it's all a bunch of lip service. It was well written and orated, but it did seem empty to me. Israel will never pull back their borders in fear of a rocket attack penetrating deeper into their state and will never give air rights to a Palestinian nation. Hamas, Hezzbollah, and others will not recognize the nation's right to exist, so here we are at the same crossroad that's been present for many decades.

"Today President Barack Obama has again indicated that his policy towards Israel is to blame Israel first," - Michele Bachmann

Romney: Obama 'threw Israel under the bus'

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Greg Saum said...

"The problem really is that no one has a convincing argument that both sides really want peace in the end."

I wonder the same thing. I think there will eventually be peace, but it will come at a very heavy price: war. And with war, one side always loses more than the other.