May 26, 2011

Thursday Music

Once upon a gallant time the television audience was graced with a low brow cartoon entitled Beavis and Butthead. Many panned the show as being juvenile tripe, and to some degree it was a valid point, but they missed what made this comedy so endearing to many. Humor at it's core is subversive and pop culture at the time was ripe for the pickings. The cartoon pointed out at how silly and without artistic merit music was and for the fans we were all grateful.

Sadly the show lost wind and MTV viewers grew tired of seeing videos being picked apart. While we all saw the show's ending coming what we didn't expect is that no one made a real attempt to produce something that really makes a statement at how stupid pop culture is without being preachy. Beavis and Butthead was the rare exception in media critique that could generate a laugh without leaving the audience feeling they were being talked down to. Sure it poked fun at MTV's audience oddly enough, but I loved that fact and I wish someone would do it again.

So today I bring you what I think is the briefest critique the dim witted duo ever made:

"They say it figures MTV would do such a vulgar, awful, horrible show and they completely miss that it's satirizing the people who watch MTV." - Mike Judge


Miss Ash said...

Ha! I forgot about these guys but that just made me laugh!

Claire said...


Aw, I liked this show back in the day. Sure, it ran out of steam, but it still raised some laughs!

Do you remember the movie?


Kelli said...

"Come to Butthead... come a little closer. Let me love you and stuff..."

God, I loved that show. I still have to movie soundtrack on my iPod. This show is the reason we now have "King of the Hill" and "Daria". Awesome.