Jun 7, 2011

Mullets need love.

Abortion is such a bizarre issue in the fact that in our politically correct world men are to have no opinions on the matter nor should wield any kind of legislative power over the matter, unless of course that man is pro-choice. Still as much as I don't agree with a lot of the pro-lifers, I understand their reasoning, flimsy as their arguments may be. Because of the high emotions surrounding the practice there doesn't seem to be much reasoned debate, which is sad.

Pro-lifers have always stereotypically been painted as the extremists for reasons that are obvious. I've never heard of a pro-choicer blowing up a church or killing a priest. Somehow those who are against abortion try to always up their ante to get attention to the issue in ways that can be disgusting.

Take for example a man in New Mexico who put up the billboard pictured above. Apparently he was none too pleased when he found out his pregnant girlfriend terminated the fetus and he aired his grievance to commuters to make a personal as well as political point. He of course is being sued by his ex.

I think the ex's case is a flimsy one as he has not named her in the billboard and does have a right to free speech, despicable as it may be. I think she should be more ashamed that she actually had sex with the mulleted anime fan, but who am I to judge? This guy is a douche though and hopefully this will keep any future women from ever dropping their slacks for him.

Is it fair to give fathers a stake in the outcome of a pregnancy? If a woman gets pregnant and the father doesn't want to be one, should he just man up and pay the child support while keeping his mouth shut, or is it ok for him to request other options? I understand that this is the body of the woman, but many livelihoods are at stake in the case of children. It keeps me torn sadly.

"As distasteful and offensive as the sign may be to some, for over 200 years in this country the First Amendment protects distasteful and offensive speech." - Todd Holmes

Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard


Claire said...

Oh my goodness. That billboard is insane. It's such a hard issue...on the one hand it's the woman's body, on the other a fetus has two parents....

*wanders off to ponder*


JLee said...

This is a good question because like Claire said, it is the father's child as well and he should have some rights. He could choose to raise it himself, etc. I think this will soon become a legal issue that the courts will have to toss around...

wv: "rugasms" What the??

Miss Ash said...

I'm still shocked that someone had sex with that man....

It's such a huge issue and the reality is, most men will not have a say just like the gentleman above. Should they, yes of course they should, but ultimately it is the womans body and she has to be willing to carry a cute little package for 9 months. I'm a total fence sitter on this one!

Kelli said...

I'm not a fence-sitter. Yes, it is the woman's body BUT, the baby is made of only 50% of her genetic code.

Regardless if the two are in a relationship or not, they should still have the conversation and it should be a mutual agreement whether or not to terminate the pregnancy.

I'm Pro-Choice, 100% but the choice should not be just the woman's-- she didn't get pregnant by herself. This is an issue where men seem to get screwed royally and it's irritating.