Jun 17, 2011

Thursday Music on a Friday

For reasons unbeknownst to me, whenever I hear Irish music I want to punch a German in the face. I have nothing against the humorless bastards that are from Deutschland. I've been to their country and enjoyed myself immensely. You would think the music of the Celts would steer my wrath towards the Italians, or even the British, but no.

Actually the music makes me want to drink. Not that I need an excuse to crave a tall pint of stout, but whenever I hear the bow hitting the violin at a rapid pace I want to raise a glass of craft beer and stomp my feet in manners that are very immature. Perhaps my heritage does hail from the small island after all. It would explain my love for beer and whiskey, not that all Irish are a bunch of drunks who smell like farm animals....stop laughing.

Today I need a beer, or six, so today dear readers I will share some Irish-centric music from a band heralding from my new home state:

"I'm Irish. I think about death all the time." - Jack Nicholson


Claire said...

Raising my glass as I type!


Miss Ash said...

This type of music totally makes me want to drink.....actually....I think any type of music makes me want to drink!