Jun 16, 2011

With pride I read.

After Friday's sonogram I was naturally excited about the results as everything appeared normal and only one fetus was present. After I drove home from work I had the idea to stop by Half Price Books to get some reading material for our yet to be birthed child. Like a light shining down from heaven I saw a section set aside for Little Golden Books.

I'm sure many remember the Little Golden Books and all their wonderment. My sister and I were big fans in our youth and read them over and over again. I browse through the titles and find the Holy Grail; Sesame Street's 'The Monster at the End of This Book'.

For those unfamiliar, 'The Monster at the End of This Book' is a simple tale with only one character in the entire story, Grover. Grover tells the reader that there is indeed a monster at the end of the book and pleads with the reader to not turn the page for fear that some unsightly creature may be released and wreak havoc on him and humanity. The reader of course turns the page, as they are want to do, and the Sesame Street character throws tantrums and starts using creative ways to keep someone from flipping through the book.

I won't give away the ending, because I know all of you are very excited to find out for yourself what happens.

This book being a favorite of mine made me feel like Indiana Jones when I came across it. I dreamt of all the times I would read it to my child and in my head I mocked the voice of Grover. My baby would be subject to high brow literature as only their Dad would provide.

Oh man it's starting. I'm becoming a father....

"I really learned the power of the tube on Sesame Street and how it can influence a very young mind." - Ruth Buzzi


Anonymous said...

'The Monster at the End of the Book' is a children's book?
I first read it in my mid-twenties.

Shaun@Work said...

Wow. I actually remember that book.

Crystal said...

Youre going to be a great father Erik. And your adventures and stories will keep me well entertained :)

Claire said...

Such an amazing time for you guys. I hope when the littl'un arrives you'll let me send a care package?