Jun 20, 2011

Wiwille plugs.

My friend Ryon is an avid film buff and starving director. He's made various films, the first of which I starred in, but lately he's stepping up his game and making a project that I think will speak to many, a documentary about dating in Seattle.

Ryon has recently released a trailer for it and it does showcase his talent at being a crew of one. While he abandoned fiction for the sake of a documenting the tales of the love lorn in the Northwest we see his talents shine in this preview. Your author here actually had a small part in the production as I wrote a few of the interview questions for the singles. As I was the first time he asked me to be a part of his freshman effort I can honestly say I'm very proud to be even a tiny part of making his vision a reality.

He's also soliciting funds to continue in post-production, so if you're interested in having your name attached to this documentary, visit his website here.

"So far it’s been pretty much me running the show and I've made the commitment to do it this way because I am also Single in Seattle, though I would rather not be. It has been a challenge." - Ryon Ownbey

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