Apr 23, 2012

All glory and praise

For whatever reason I have an avid interest in the odd, or even dark nature, of civilizations. Wherever I travel I find myself enjoying studying the darker periods of their past, such as Sydney's prison museum, Dachau, Medieval justice museums, etc. Still in all my travels I don't think I'll ever visit a place more twisted and evil than North Korea.

Yes the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a place that fascinates me. It's like the world's largest cult, where the dear leader is Lord, and if anyone within questions the authority, or divinity of the state, they and their families can pay the ultimate price for it. The Korean Friendship Association (KFA), has the odd task of being PR for the totalitarian state, and make people believe it's not as bad as it really is. Through the KFA you can travel on a state led tour of the country, which sounds like a real hoot.

For those of you unfamiliar with Reddit, a user can create what is called a subreddit, which is a collection of links dedicated to any particular topic. Most popular are gaming, atheism, geek, etc, but the KFA decided to create their own subreddit dedicated to the dear leader, r/pyonyang. Well quickly browsing through the comments you see a lot that are deleted by the KFA admin, mostly due to the fact people accuse the Kim family of leaders of performing homosexual acts on various communist colleagues.

Well the subreddit had one link, talking about how low level communist orgs praising the DPRK's founder, Kim Il Sung. A lot of the comments were less than kind about the dear dead leader, so they were quickly deleted. Funny enough, they kept mine:

Really, those are the only organizations that spoke highly about the dear leader? You would think that every organization, from the People's Front of Judea to NAMBLA, would be beating their chests in praise of the great general! A thousand suns to the Kim trifecta of greatness! Praise be his name!"

The KFA, if it is them that's really behind this, has some issues with recognizing sarcasm.

"All of North Korea is a jail." - Kim Y. Sam

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