Apr 16, 2012

Online activism

Facebook, it's such a blessing and a curse. It's great to catch up with old friends and see pictures of loved ones doing stuff that's mildly interesting, but there's those friends you have that use it as a platform to spout off on anything that's on their mind. Whether it's anti-vaccine misinformation or ranting about some political issue that everyone is keenly aware of, Facebook makes many feel important in the public discourse.

We all have that one friend, if not many, that the 'hide' feature becomes a most welcome one. Some people hide their friends for various reasons, whether they're just tired of hearing about their weight loss plan every hour or seeing those stupid photos people share with quotes that are meant to sound profound, but are elementary at best. I do hide a lot of my friends, most notably one who likes to deem himself the champion of Tea Party values.

Yes he's a different sort who likes to post quotes about the second amendment and how helpful it is to stop the secret Kenyan Obama from feasting on unborn fetuses while hosting the Muslim Brotherhood in the Lincoln Bedroom. The rest of the democrats are torturing hunting bald eagles from the roof of the UN building, and the mainstream media is complacent. Yeah, it gets really stupid. Here's an example:

Ahh yes those baby killing democratic cowards who have no interest in killing our enemies. Yet funny enough they won us two world wars, and killed Osama Bin Laden, but they have no interest in killing enemies of our state. Instead they secretly are trying to turn our country into North Korea while they masturbate to pictures of Che Guevera.

No one would assume I comment on these posts, telling this mental midget how wrong he is about everything, but I don't, as Facebook is not an appropriate forum for reasoned debate, hell the internet really isn't. There's no winning with folks so dedicated to their cause. Their online activism is paramount to their identity. It makes them feel like their doing something important, narcissistic as it may be. Let it be.

"I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you." - George W Bush on Osama Bin Laden.


Sarah said...

"Their online activism is paramount to their identity. It makes them feel like their doing something important, narcissistic as it may be. Let it be." I've been following your blog for awhile now. I usually leave feeling bruised. But I do enjoy your writing and humor. Do you think your above statement is a tad hypocritical? Isn't that what anyone who is putting their opinions online doing? It's part of who we are and we deem it important for that reason? We see something that bothers us in the world and hope to change flawed reasoning through discourse? (ha. ha.) A lot of people are consistent in lumping Christian/Conservative/ Tea Party/ Republican/Anti-vaccine...the list goes on-- people (persons?) into a black hole of stupidity. However, the same actions from an opposing view prove terribly offensive.

wigsf3 said...

It's subtle, but I get the joke here. Good stuff man.