Apr 4, 2012

It's a twister!

Well it finally happened. After being told of the once every few years twisters that hit the North Texas area, I finally got to experience what a southern/mid-west natural disaster was like. Yes we folks in Dallas aren't immune to mother nature's wrath, and she dealt us one with a series of tornadoes yesterday.

I was at the office when over the PA system a man who wasn't educated in the art of public speaking told us to go into a designated tornado safe zone, which my cubicle is, but instead me and the team went into a small conference room and bonded over the possibility of us dying. I've lived through volcanoes and earthquakes, but this was a bit different as it the stress seemed to last forever. My baby daughter was with her grandmother and I felt a bit panicky as I wasn't there to see her, but thankfully she was in good hands.

Many homes and businesses, including truck trailers that shot up over 100 feet in the air, were destroyed, but thankfully as I type this there have been no reports of any deaths due to this. After this storm it made me think, where else do tornadoes strike? Looking it up, they happen in every continent, sans Antarctica, but still the majority of them happen in tornado alley, because America is number one after all.

You hear often in the news about natural disasters in foreign lands, whether they be heat waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons,  or volcanoes, but never about devastating tornadoes. We're just lucky I guess.

"Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster." - Jim Wallis

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