Apr 20, 2012

The Godfather Part II

Last night my father in-law joined me to watch The Godfather Part II on the big screen. I've never got to witness this as it was released a year before I was born. Reel classics released the classic film for one night only, and of course I just had to go. In this particular theatre they decided to use their digital IMAX screen to display the movie, which was amazing. The level of detail in the film went largely missed seeing it on the small screen all these years, but viewing the characters and landscape put forth on the behemoth projection was a treat.

Listed below are some the highlights and lowlights of the film.


  • Michael looks far more terrifying on the giant screen then he does on any television.
  • The sound mixing was better than I've ever heard it.
  • They actually had an intermission, just like how it was originally released, which was welcome considering its length.
  • I never noticed just how much attention to detail was made with 1917 Little Italy.
  • (Spoiler) I've seen this film I don't know how many times, but still the execution of Fredo gives me the chills every single time, and seeing it how it was meant to be seen felt exactly how I did when I first saw it.
  • (Spoiler) The execution of Don Ciccio sent gasps through the audience.
  • Years ago Paramount released the Godfather Epic box set on VHS, which included some never before seen footage. For whatever reason, they didn't include this in this theatrical run.
  • There was a strange bald little nugget of a man who sat in the same row as me. He donned a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. He couldn't sit still. Every now and then he would get up from his chair, climb over the rail in front of him, and wander about. He finished three large sodas and two boxes of popcorn. My father in-law stated he was a few bricks short of a load.
  • The Godfather Part II is a pretty quiet film for the most part, but in the theatre next to us must have been some high paced action film, as we could hear the bass tremble in the theatre. Annoying.
  • The theatre was pretty sparse, which was kind of disappointing. I really like the fact that these old films are being re-released and wish there was more of a market for it so it continues.
So I browsed upcoming films that are being re-released. In a few days they're showing The Magnificent Seven, Casablanca, and even From Here to Eternity. So many movies, so little time.

"A rare sequel to a great film that recaptures and expands upon the mastery of its predecessor." - Phil Villarreal

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Miss Ash said...

I've actually never seen any of the Godfather movies....I'm sure this doesn't surprise you!