Nov 30, 2006

I was curious as to how long it would take to develope this.

This post is for the ladies, well at least the one's who own Ipods. Since MP3 players have become all the rage numerous companies have been making accessories for them such as car adapters, home speakers, etc.

Now someone has developed a vibrator attachment for your Ipod. Apparently it moves to the beat the music and hey who doesn't want to have an orgasm while walking around with a MP3 player?

I'm kind of curious how the thing works. Like if it fries it's components if you leave it on Slayer. Then again any girl who can use heavy metal in their self pleasuring is a woman I want to marry.

"I've been looking at the iPod- the Apple iPod. One of the interesting things about the iPod, one of the things that people love most about it is not the technology; it's the box it comes in." - Donald Norman



Anonymous said...

Incentive to get an Ipod I suppose. But I wouldn't listen to Slayer.. It would have to be a combination of Pantera and well, Eminem's Shake That.. On second thought, I usually don't need much more stimulation when listening to Pantera. Matter of fact, the boy runs away from me in fear of injury when I do listen to Pantera so yeah,where did you say I could get one of these?


elizab said...

Dude...we have to show this to the Zune dev team, lol

Mattbear said...

Andrea, you're killing me. I hate Pantera, but you make it sound so...interesting...

rawbean said...

I don't like the idea of turning my ipod into a pleasure machine. Can't we just stick to music? What's wrong with just listening to music on your ipod huh?