Feb 21, 2007

Canidates now using MySpace. SexyMonica approves.

With technology growing at an tremendous pace our nations' leaders are scrambling to catch up with the digital age. Some gracefully, some not so much. Whether US officials are claiming they invented the technology, using nouns inappropriately in plural tense, or embarrassing themselves in describing the information superhighway they often show how clueless they really are about the world's fastest growing industry*.

MySpace hit the scene and users delighted. Everyone seems to be on MySpace whether it be attention whores who post half naked pictures of themselves, attention whores who desperately try to add as many friends as possible in an effort to make up for the fact that everyone hated them in high school, or attention whores who create some of the worst custom layouts I've ever seen.

Now our current crop of Presidential hopefuls have jumped on the MySpace bandwagon so no longer will the site be only populated with sport fucking 20 somethings or stalkers. Now you can look up your favorite canidate on the social networking site, wait a few minutes before the shoddy servers decide to bring up the page, and have your senses assaulted with horrid graphics and really bad pop music.

Obama seems to lead the pack with the most MySpace friends. Sadly I couldn't find SexyMonica on his list.

I'm curious as to who will be monitoring the sites and how well they'll filter out the millions of MySpace spammers. Wouldn't that be a fun job?

* Not porn.

"Obama's the bomba. That can be your new campaign slogan." - Comment left on Obama's MySpace page.

OMG !!! R U voting in the primaries? ROFLMAO ;-)


rawbean said...

I know you don't mean me when you say that myspace users are attention whores. Eventhough my goal is only to increase my friend count.

Wiwille said...

Rawbean - You are an exception.

whatigotsofar said...

I thought MySpace was just a place for perverts to meet naive children...

That's a bad photo of Mr. Obama. He looks like a bad stand-up comic.