Feb 2, 2007

Soon to be a daywalker.

Tonight is a milestone for me as it's my last evening on the graveyard shift. Starting Monday I'll be working a day schedule which I'm happy about. After years of doing this night thing it'll be nice to remind people around the office that yes I do indeed still work here.

I will miss the slow volume which gave me a lot of time to study, surf the web, chat with people, and of course blog. Fear not dear loyal readers for I will still post as often as I do now, but instead of seeing a new one published at oh-my-god o'clock it'll be done during the daylight hours. Who knows maybe my writing will actually show some semblance of quality when I shift my body clock to banker's hours.

Super Bowl is this weekend and I for one couldn't be more excited to revel in the festivities. I so love everything that that day represents. Unhealthy food, good beer, bone crunching sports, and of course cheerleaders are just a few reasons why I think this special day should be a national holiday.

Speaking of which a beverage company in Indianapolis decided to give all 630 employees the following Monday off. Not content with such generosity Monarch Beverage Co also gave them free beer. Yes these employees get a day off and beverages to consume during the glory that is the NFL Championship. Sadly they did not provide cheerleaders.

My boss and I discuss career development often. I have now decided I want a second job working for a beverage company.

"There are a lot of people who might not get another chance to win a Super Bowl, not just me." - John Elway

Employees enjoy Super Bowl holiday, free beer


Alyssa said...

Welcome to the land of the living. :)

Claire said...

Yay normalcy of working hours! And hope the Superbowl is suitably fabulous.


rawbean said...

Oh my god I almsot typed exactly what alyssa said. Gee....I feel, unoriginal.

Anyways, I kind of liked that you would post at weird hours, but I'm sure this new schedule will be much healthier.