Feb 15, 2007

Elvis lives and he does make sushi.

I first discovered my favorite sushi restaurant a couple of years ago when my friend Elli and I drove by and saw a grand opening banner hanging on the front of it. The restaurant has little to no atmosphere as it's your standard strip mall place, but the decor did strike me as odd. On the wall was a bunch of Elvis memorabilia and of course the King's music was playing in the background.

The sushi restaurant offers all you can eat for $20. Expecting the rolls to be mediocre we were amazed that it was some of the best we've ever had. Ever. This chef knows how to prepare some amazing creations. Given the guy's obsession with everything associated with the 50s pop star he serves up an 'Elvis roll', 'Lisa Marie roll', and 'Priscilla roll'. The chef also calls himself Elvis, which is really funny.

My friend Elli is half Chinese half Swede so that makes her an Asian gal with tremendous...err...assets. As you can expect guys tend to look at her. Elvis develops a huge crush on Elli and mildly flirts with her the whole time we were there. Since the place was new we were the only customers there and we ate our own body weight in sushi.

Our Japanese chef makes sure you have rolls in front of you at all times constantly reminding you that you need to eat more. "You eat more. Eat more. C'mon get rolls" is something his customers hear often. He shows his displeasure if you don't consume your own body weight by stating loudly "You come back hungry next. Need to eat more." Funny cause since it's all you can eat it shouldn't matter, but I guess he takes much pride in his art.

Anyways for our first date I decided to take the Pretty Girl to the place, cause not only do they serve great food, but it's almost like a dinner theatre watching Elvis preform his antics. The guy is friggin nuts with his quirky demeanor and loud voice.

He sees me and asks, "Where's Elizabeth (Elli)?"

Pretty Girl shoots me a look.

"She very beautiful," he proclaimed with his thick accent. I gave him an update as she was a regular there.

I then explained to my date that Elli and I were just friends. She gave me that 'yeah sure' look, but with enough sarcasm I knew that she was just giving me a hard time.

So fast forward to last night. The Pretty Girl and I drive up to Everette, I gorge myself on sushi, we reminisced about the first time I tried to woo her, and watch some crazy chef preform for us. A good Valentine's Day indeed.

"I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to." - Elvis Presley


Mattbear said...

Hmmm...you'll have to tell me where this crazy Elvis sushi place is. I don't know yet if I like sushi or not, but I need to try it.

I think I met Elli once, did I not? I can see why The King (of sushi) would show an interest in her.

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - I took Elli to a company christmas party a few years back. I think that's when you met her.

The place is called Sushi Ring and it's on 19th Ave in Everette off Silver Lake.

rawbean said...

I'd be shooting you evil looks too - good for pretty girl! That guy elvis sounds funny, but he should know when to zip it.