Feb 27, 2007

Does he get virgins in prison?

In news that you saw coming, an Egyptian blogger has been imprisoned for a sentence of four years for typing his views online. As you may have guessed he had unkind things to say about his country's dominant religion as well as it's president in his online diary which of course led to his imprisonment.

Dubbed by Time Magazine as the Martyr of Egypt, Abdel Kareem Nabil, a law student, became the first Middle Eastern blogger sentenced because of his anti-theocratic views. This won't seem troubling to most bloggers here in the west, but it shows a disturbing trend among other nations who view free speech as a curse more than a blessing. Given that many nations, such as China, are demanding ISPs block access to certain websites this may affect the readership of your own writings.

If my blog had any readers I might care, but then again I would never write anything disparaging against a religion soaked in civility, especially the religion of peace.

"We must prepare ourselves for a lengthy battle because this century is the century of Islam, the century of liberation, the century of victory and sovereignty, by Allah's will all those oppressive regimes will diminish and with our determination and sacrifices we will be the coming power." - Sheikh A. Yassin

The Blogger-Martyr of Egypt


Claire said...

I read about this guy ~ it certainly seems to be the dawning of some dark, dark days, doesn't it?


whatigotsofar said...

I'm not really the biggest fan of free speech. I take advantage of it while I've got it but first and foremost, you must obey the laws of the state.

PaBLo G said...

I want my MTV....