Jan 9, 2008

The candidates are attacking my liver.

"She cries on TV and that gets her 6000 votes! You got to be shitting me"

That was a text I got yesterday from my friend Corey.

As I was driving home last night I was tuned into NPR listening to New Hampshire coverage. The news was mostly focused on the somewhat surprising win Hillary achieved in the "live free or die" state. Speculating on the rise in poll numbers many analysts and campaign officials were talking about how women in large numbers turned out to give their support for the fairer sexed candidate.

One woman from the Clinton camp came on the line to voice her opinion as to why people should vote for her boss. She stated matter of factly that this country needs a woman president. I started shouting in my car "this country doesn't need a woman president. This country needs a good president you dumb friggin hack. Look now's the time to make up for the horse shit we've been putting up with the last eight....."

It was then I realized how much of a dumb ass I must've looked like to the people in the car next to me.

I wanted to run home and pickle my liver with a horrendous amount of booze. I used to say I respected why people voted for someone. I take that back. If you vote based on gender, race, religion, or anything other than issues and qualifications you're a jack ass of the highest order. Disagree with me and I may crown you the king or queen of all that is jackassery. Hate me for saying that? Well go right ahead your majesty.

"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends." - Hillary Clinton


Anonymous said...

Haven't you figured it out yet, that little democracy experiment that is the USA just isn't working anymore. There are no good candidates anymore. Picking a good president is like shopping at a junkyard, sure there's choice, but its somebody else's refuse and why would you want somebody else's refuse?

Miss Ash said...

I'm afraid to say anything....hahaha :P

I'm a woman and I agree that it should be based on the best candidate, not gender or any of the other things you mentioned; though it would be nice to see a woman in there one day.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I find it intriguing that people keep thinking that sometime in the past there were better candidates, better leaders, a corruptionless election process, etc. Try again. There were people in the '40's convinced that FDR was the Devil. Oh, and thanks for the crown. Stop listening to the election coverage-it will drive you nuts and make you look the fool.

Big Ben said...

I would like to see a women or a black person or a gay person as president, just so the south will be annoyed. I wonder if their is a black lesbian out there that could get some votes?

Miss Ash said...

Ha ha BB, that reminds me of the Morrissey song "America You are Not the World":

In America the land of the free they say
land of opportunity in a just and truthful way
where the president is never black female or gay
and until that day you've nothing to say to help me believe..

Foster Communications said...

Ha! Jackassery. I love that word!
I'm sick of the candidates being referred to as female or black. No one ever says white male when they talk about McCain, Edwards, Huckabee....

Mattbear said...

I apparently changed my mother's mind about voting for Hillary last night with one sentence, by explaining to her that Hillary would keep the U.S. in Iraq because she agrees with the "no timetables" argument.

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - Well yeah the choices are slim as they've always been and yes we've figured that out. I just wish everyone would see the light and elect me dictator.

Miss Ash - I think it would be nicer to see a good president one day.

Anon - I don't know who these people are who believe there were better canidates back in the day, but they must be stopped.

Big Ben - It would be even cooler if they were a midget.

FC - Usually we refer to them as incompetent numb nuts.

Mattbear - You've done this country a great service.